So, I turn to you, my collective hive brain. Who is this “Dr.” “Prof.” Zaid Hamid? He has, from most accounts, secured a niche similar to Glenn Beck in Pakistani media – combining ultra-nationalism with a taste for finding Zionist or Hindu involvement in the Pakistani sphere. Here he explains, for example, what truths lie behind “conspiracy theories”:

“We are against the Zionist politics of the Brahmanical elite”. Alrighty then. Some other hair-raising stuff here with Ali Azmat.

He is also, through his privately produced program Brass Tacks, engaged in producing historical narratives – from Khalid b. Walid to 1857 – the “War of Independence”. (“More Indians were killed by the British between 1757 and 1857 than at any time in the previous 5000 years”). Naturally, this makes me very, very interested in him, professionally speaking.

The cursory searches on the internets reveal all kind of contestations – he is an agent of ISPR, he is a true Muslim, he is a former acolyte of a claimant to the Prophethood, he is a true Muslim, etc. What I am really interested in, is figuring out his audiences, his appeals to them, and his theories of media (and mediation). His wiki page is no more than a stub. Can we fill this profile up? Can we place him on a scale of Glenn Beck to Yusuf al-Qaradawi?

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  1. sir i m a big fan of yours i realy want to meet u in any condition.. i am highly inspired from your knowledge .. please ,, give me a chance for woking with you for pakistan amd muslim ummat …sir can you give me a contct number?????

  2. mujhy zaid hamad ki hr baat achi lagti h kash k hamary hr mahkmy mn 1 , 1 zaid hamaid aa jaiy. mn in k mutlaq aur ziada jan,na chahti hun.

  3. it is very dangerous person for pakistan

  4. i like you sir syed zaid hamid, i think you are the most patriotic man of the country we all should be like you.

  5. Muhammad Kamran Younis Awan

    May 24, 2014 — 12:54 am

    Mr Syed Zahiduzaman Hamid is a very Good True Brave Pakistani & a very Foresight person. I prayed for his long life & to continue his mission for Pakistan. Insha Allah one day a dedicated leader will adopt his ideology. Insha Allah we will live in a brave & Original Asian Tiger Pakistan. May he succeed & live long.

  6. #GeoNews #ImadKhalid Press Conference against #ZaidHamid #Pakistan
    زید حامد نے فوج میں انتشار پھیلانے کی سازش کی، قریبی ساتھی عماد خالد کا دعویٰ

    کراچی…زید حامد سے علیحدگی اختیار کرنے والے اس کے سابق ساتھی عماد خالد نے آج کراچی میں پریس کانفرنس کرتے ہوئے زید حامد کے کارناموں کا بھانڈا پھوڑا ہے ، عماد خالد نے انکشاف کیا کہ زید حامد نے آرمی چیف اور چیف جسٹس سمیت نمایاں شخصیات کی ایک فہرست بنارکھی ہے جنہیں وہ قتل کروانے کاارادہ رکھتا ہے۔کراچی میں پریس کانفرنس کرتے ہوئے زید حامد کے سابق ساتھی عماد خالد نے کہاکہ زید حامد جنرل مشرف کا روازنہ کی بنیادوں پر ایڈوائزر تھا، اور جنرل مشرف کے بعد وہ جنرل کیانی سے بھی یہی توقع رکھتا تھاکہ وہ زرداری کی گورنمنٹ ختم کرکے آرمی کی حمایت یافتہ سویلین گورنمنٹ بنائیں ، لیکن آرمی چیف نے ایسانہ کیا جس کی وجہ سے وہ ان کا دشمن ہوگیا ۔عماد خالد نے انکشاف کیا کہ زید حامد نے ایک ہزار آرمی آفیسرز کو ای میل لکھی اور انہیں جنرل کیانی کے خلاف اُکسایا ۔عماد خالد نے اپنے تعارف میں بتایا کہ وہ چار سال سے زیادہ عرصہ زید حامد کے ساتھ رہا اور اُس کے مگر مچھ کے آنسو دیکھ کر اس کے بہکاوے میں آگیا تھا ۔عماد خالد نے کہاکہ جنرل نوشاد کیانی زید حامد کو سب سے پہلے پکڑنے والے انسان تھے ۔عماد خالد نے کہاکہ ، بہت سے مسلمان ملک ایسے ہیں جن کو زید حامد چھپ چھپ کر رپورٹیں بھیجتا ہے، اُن کے سفارتخانوں میں رات میں چھپ کر جاتا تھا،وہ ترک ، ایران ، یو اے ای ایمبیسی میں جاتا رہتا تھا۔

    1. I think this is not true

  7. dost i am indian .but here i am not i am citizen of independent country as you.n here i hav respect for you.dear wht i wan to say is.
    i was watching a video of zaid hamid : – zaid hamid exposes corner by pakistsni media on geo tv. clipping on youtube. on tht he said i kick the consitution of america. if he is a born enemy of westren . then why he wear clothes of western tradition why he had implemented the the american army ranks in his office.
    why he speaks english. why he not condems the american weapons.. there is lot more will talk abt on next time.

  8. First of all I am not a Pakistani, but I take a deep interest in the happenings of the country. A country formed on a basis of religion by few influential people deciding the fate of the many following the same religion.
    Zaid Hamid, I wouldn’t like to put any honorary prefix to his name, is one of those people who thinks ‘Any publicity is good publicity’ like a failed celebrity who wants to have his share of limelight at any cost. May be he has some vested political interests or for any other reason I don’t know but he is a person I tend to follow for an amusement value. After a hard exhausting day at work, when I go on a video website and watch his silly contradictory predictions and so called ‘defense analysis’ which makes me laugh and really think that really the Pakistani’s follow this person…!! I would have been more scared if the analysis or predictions would have come from Mr. Hasan Nisar and his likes. Anyways I hope the Pakistani civilians understand the true nature of Zaid Hamid and evolve into more informed and aware people. To sum it all, I would like to share a quote;
    Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and happy to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own
    ― Arthur Schopenhauer, Essays and Aphorisms

  9. Hypocritical violent useless idiot. inciting hatred everywhere

  10. Indeed you are vbery nice person zaid hamid sb

  11. zaid hamid is a great person and gud man i love him

  12. Looks like he always finds a new thoery to fight. bahut bada chutiya haih

  13. ZH ‘m really impressed from ” Public Addresses ” & Speeches but sametime I need clarification from you, what connection you ‘ve with ” Yousuf Kazzab “? I personally consider it a serious issue & you should clarify it immediately. Hope you too ‘ll take it seriously.

  14. Pankaj Mishra’s tendentious little book | Brown Pundits
  15. I think Zaid Hamid is Gay just like rest of porkistan.

  16. i love sir zaid hamid this is the greatest muslim in the world

  17. Dear friends,

    Zaid Hamid is trying to take Pakisthan in to more worse situation. Every Pakisthani should join together to develop your country for the better life of your children. I am an Indian and have a lot of Pakisthani close friends in my life from my carrier in Middle east. I feel that all of them are good and trying to give a better life for their kids. They worried about a lot by the views and words of persons like Zaid Hameed. By developing hatred and violance we are not going to reach anywhere.

  18. He’s a stupid ultra nationalist army booster/self promoter. Also in love with the philosopher/psued0-Allama Iqbal. Apparently 1400 years of Islamic history have not yielded a better man to follow than a Hindi nietzschean, drunkard, “Knight of the British Empire”

  19. SIR,

    i like your every video every speech you talk about islam and pakistan from your heart NO ONE IS LIKE YOU
    i just want to say the people with whom you use to debate they are just for away from Islam i appreciate when every time you tolerate them i do believe like you that one day ALLAH will change everything they way you think it will…. INSHALLAH

  20. kuch loag ap ki mazab ke bare ma awam ko barka rahe han. Plz aap ye bata dain ki app kia han . khuch loag kety han ke aap mirzaye hoo. ye baat zaroor clear karen.
    Islam Aur Pakistan Pe hamare jane Qurban . Hum mar metain gay lakin En pe anch nahe ane dain ge.


    September 22, 2012 — 12:22 pm

    SALAM ZAID ZAMAN HAMID: WE ARE LOVE YOU: please make with own party: INSHALLAH when you make with own party inshallah that time you will be the leader of Pakistan ishallah. Unfortunately when ever a man take stand against those who are the enemies of Pakistan, the public and politicians having fun with them,, you are a true person: and other Political parties jellies to you: inshallah you will be the winner: every time i watching your video there is no one to real talk to you they just make funny:

  22. SYED ZAID ZAMAN HAMID: One the most excellent, honest, person of Pakistan: he knows the entire history of Pakistan. He knows real situation of Pakistan, if you see when he talking with other political persons no one there is to talk him clearly. Everybody like him:

  23. I like Zaid Hamid. In my opinion he is a true Muslim and a true Pakistani. I do not understand why the Pakistani media does not pay him due attention. Mr. Hamid is a learned man and Pakistani media should give him due importance and proper time and opportunity to place his view point so that the people at large may be benefited.

  24. pure muslim and patriotic may live long we must love those peoples who love nation

  25. Sir you are great and your cause is great. Allah Pak help us. We and our prayers are with you.

  26. Sir; i am very proud of me because i am pakistani sir i am with you for islam my very very country pakistan ,i am trying on my all fiends and my relatives for attitud of all sir please specially pray for me i want to achieve my this vision .Thanks

  27. hafiz muhammad luqman

    August 5, 2012 — 9:34 pm

    zaid hamid is a good man . he is a patriot for pakistan . he is only person speaks for both pakistan and ummah . good analyst and knowledgable person. keep on i love u .

  28. Are ppl of pakistan gone mad. According to Islam a man who should be killed, is their hero.


    Allah ka Azaabb aa raha hai, aur aata rahay ga iss koom par.

  29. I find that his enthusiasm is great and really motivating but considering the history of Pakistan very few men in politics have ever been sincere to our nation. I personally have all my life lived in the west and having a true Islamic system would really reform our nation and all the things Mr. Hamid says are pretty correct however I don’t know if he’s too good to be true for Pakistan because as you can examine yourself history has proved otherwise.

  30. hi sir i like you and your speach ,and you are my HERO

  31. MUhammad Imran Khan

    July 13, 2012 — 10:48 pm

    Sir, I am sure that u will be fine.
    I love the way you have adopted to counter the conspiracies against Islam. Your honour opted to come on media in any shape. Reportedly more than 40% have been invested by america in Pakistani media. It is appreciable to negate the ill comments of our so-called anchor person who are busy to gather money by any mean by day & night. Sir, I have suggestion for yours that your honour should expand the area of developing awareness about Islam and Islamic history, mean to say that why dont you come to attend gathering at small places i.e. small cities & villages. As according to my knowledge revolution always caused by common people, for instance french revolution, iranian revolution, recently done in Egypt, Libya etc.

  32. u r doing an amazing job sir.
    all my friends respect u and salute u.
    we need u to continue doing this jihad..
    rab rakha

  33. Zind baad zahid sb.bahaut ziada zarurat thi khas kar jawanon ko aap ki.Allah karey k aap ki zingi main barkat ho,aur ham aap k bayanat se mustafid hotey rehen.zindabaad


    June 14, 2012 — 8:34 am


    zaid hamid PAR KHUDA KI LAANAT

  35. Much respect.

  36. A…. Salam
    Sir how are you… i love you so much.
    i do job in U.A.E
    i update myself from your.s respect full debates and also many talks..
    i want to join you also…

  37. sir ; ap hmary hero hen i am realy impressed

  38. Zaid Hamid is a sound man. If a person is really genuine he must respect his idea and knowledge.

  39. I really don’t understand why people are against him, since I am not in Pakistan for almost 8/9 years and because of tight schedules and work didn’t get chance to follow each and everything going in hometown, so was not well aware about him but few months back got chance to watch a video on youtube
    this is so impressive, I really liked it and it left me finding more about him then I got to know some people are very against him, why I don’t understand? can anybody explain me why we dislike or go against the person who talks sense? I do agree with Mr. Syed Muhammad Tahir “Unfortunately when ever a man take stand against those who are the enemies of Pakistan, the public and politiciens having fun with them”
    I think we should have more people like Zaid Hamid.

  40. I feel that the people’s voice really shines through here.

  41. this comment thread plus the one unfolding under zaid hamid’s comment under the lums lecture pic on facebook definitely needs to be edited into cm-spin-off slam-poetry-book once!

  42. i wish and pray to Allah[s h t] that one day we pakistanies have people like Zaid Hamid as our leader INSHALLAH Ameen

  43. Sir i like to met u you always speek truth ilike this>>>>>>

  44. Syed Muhammad Tahir

    March 19, 2012 — 8:51 am

    Unfortunately when ever a man take stand against those who are the enimies of Pakistan, the public and politiciens having fun with them,, Zaid Hamid is one of them, Misriable man… he has and hugh explosure and have good eye on Pakistan Securitary, economic and politically senerio… he is also a sensitive man who really love his contry, but the Govt officials and public have no notice of all his reservations …
    keep going Mr. Zaid all true lovers of Pakistan with you. specially the Youth of pakistan support you….
    God Bles u and God bless Pakistan,

  45. sir we love you… syed zaid hamid is true muslim and great leader..we always support him.

  46. sir you speak truth,,,

  47. sir i really likes u n ur aims .i want to b a part of ur movement

  48. sir we r proud of u … me and my family totly aggried with ur viws and ideas infact we all stand with u . sir i want to join u and became a part of ur glorious movement how i can join u and how i spread ur massege plz reply ISLAM ZINDA BAD…….. PAKISTAN PAINDA BAD….

  49. respected teacher,
    sir ,
    i salute you
    Pakistan zindabad & islam paindabad.

  50. I know a liitle about Mr. Zaid Hamid, I listened his peeches on Economic Terrorism, I agree with his views in those speeches, I also know that there are some ulema in Pakistan who have issued Fatwas against Mr. Zaid, I know that these ulemas are the puppets of Indian and zionist and Christian enemies, I know that Mr. zaid may have not followed the so called Yousuf Kazzab.
    The person who is good and he can benefit muslims in general is always the target of our enemies, our enemies will never target these stupid ulemas.


  52. iam proud of you being a good pakistani.while living in uk i always think like you about my country.i appreciate your bravness and real power of true speaches.we are inspired on you mr zaid many elements want to stop your Allah is great.we are stand with you.Allah is with us.may you live long.

  53. Sir You are our Hero, We all love You.
    I pray for You every time please pray for me & my mom bcoz she’s gone.
    God Bless You!

  54. whatever he is describing, teaching to this generation, who is behind, who is sponsor of him and against whome he is talking why they kept quite!!! (Imagine)!!!!!

  55. Zaid Hamid is saying 100% good and right. I many people have comments agianst him. Every one has the roght but When we see the reallity them we are encurges to be with Zaid Hamid, if we have some Imaan and Patriotry.

  56. Sir i want to join u… what thing which i have to follow… plz reply me..

  57. Thanx sir for your work

  58. i am impressed with your knowledge

  59. yes we r agree with the sir zaid we r the nation wich bring and produce great reforms

  60. { Brown Pundits } » Zenpundit notices Ghazwa e Hind…
  61. An ingenious/ingenuous proof for the the fundamental theorem of Islam: Religion Cannot Be Blamed.
    From this the corollary easily follows. As Islam Is The Perfected Final Religion, It Can Never Be Blamed.

  62. mohammad salman ahmed

    November 5, 2011 — 2:50 pm

    sir i m a big fan of yours i realy want to meet u in any condition.. i am highly inspired from your knowledge .. please ,, give me a chance for woking with you for pakistan amd muslim ummat …

  63. More can be read about Zaid Hamid and his lies at
    extensive research

  64. I think Hazrat Umar would not tolerate the sort of headgear Zaid Hamid is wearing here, buddy. I’d prescribe lashes myself.

  65. i love sir zahid views on indian and american policy,
    i want islam in pakistan with its real strength.
    i want a leader which follows hazrat umar type of leadership.

  66. sir zaid hamid nise man i love u sir

  67. One thing is for sure that he is either from Jehadi groups or Pak Army.
    Secondly, he just wants war, and war and war and war…
    which we are already having since 1980
    Therefore we should know that he is telling us nothing new, same old melody, same old song, war!
    Personally speaking, I HATE HIM BIG TIME!

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