Who is Zaid Hamid?

in homistan

So, I turn to you, my collective hive brain. Who is this “Dr.” “Prof.” Zaid Hamid? He has, from most accounts, secured a niche similar to Glenn Beck in Pakistani media – combining ultra-nationalism with a taste for finding Zionist or Hindu involvement in the Pakistani sphere. Here he explains, for example, what truths lie behind “conspiracy theories”:

“We are against the Zionist politics of the Brahmanical elite”. Alrighty then. Some other hair-raising stuff here with Ali Azmat.

He is also, through his privately produced program Brass Tacks, engaged in producing historical narratives – from Khalid b. Walid to 1857 – the “War of Independence”. (“More Indians were killed by the British between 1757 and 1857 than at any time in the previous 5000 years”). Naturally, this makes me very, very interested in him, professionally speaking.

The cursory searches on the internets reveal all kind of contestations – he is an agent of ISPR, he is a true Muslim, he is a former acolyte of a claimant to the Prophethood, he is a true Muslim, etc. What I am really interested in, is figuring out his audiences, his appeals to them, and his theories of media (and mediation). His wiki page is no more than a stub. Can we fill this profile up? Can we place him on a scale of Glenn Beck to Yusuf al-Qaradawi?

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