We Are All Ahmadi VIII: For Rana Tanveer

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Letters to the Editor, The Daily Times, Saturday, June 05, 2010:

Last January, a retired schoolteacher was killed in Ferozewala only because he was an Ahmedi. A reporter for your paper filed several brave reports, and stopped only when the four accused men were allowed by the authorities to simply walk away. I saved his reports and have published an essay based on them in the internet edition of the magazine, Outlook. It is titled, ‘A Killing in Ferozewala’, and may be read at http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?265684.

My essay is dedicated to that intrepid young man, God bless him. I also thank the Daily Times for sustaining the coverage. It was a rare sight. During the emergency in India, practically all newspapers censured themselves more rigorously than the Indian government had hoped. As, I think, Advani said then, they crawled when they were only asked to bend. The same happened in Pakistan. Less in the English press than in the bigger Urdu press, which went overboard in religious fanaticism and jingoistic nationalism

Professor Emeritus of Urdu Studies
University of Chicago

Prof. Naim has an immensely touching and important piece in Outlook India, A Killing In Ferozewala, June 3 2010. Naim Sahib follows the reporting of Daily Times reporter Rana Tanveer on the killing of Professor Muhammad Yousaf, leader of the Ahmadi community in Ferozewala.

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