We Are All Ahmadi

There is a mosque near my house in Berlin. I bike past it every time. I often stop at the light, and enjoy the minarets against the grey skies.

There is a mosque in Lahore, too.

Every attack, every atrocity, every massacre diminishes us all. This, I choose to lay at the feet of Mawdudi and his ilk, at the feet of Bhutto and his ilk, at the feet of our bearded muftis and their ilk. I blame those who deny citizenship to their brethren. I blame everyone who denies the freedom to practice their faith in peace.

I am afraid I have little else but rage and white hate for the perpetrators of this crime.

I am an Ahmadi.

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  1. killing ahmadis was professed through banners haning in the vicinity of ahmadi mosques.many journals carry venomous articles that incite majority community individuals to attack/kill ahmadis. there have been talk shows at which ahmadis were declared to be wajib-ul-qatl.no action was taken even though within a week some ahmadis were killed after the telecast.every citizen who claims islam as his religion has to condemn in writing the ahmadi/qadiani/lahori while appying for a passport.average muslims going for juma prayers listen to hate sermons against ahmadis. killers are eulogised and defended.there have been instances when all the lawyers in a city refused to defend an ahmadi accused.state discriminates and encourages persecution of ahmadis. a hindu or christian can greet you with islamic salam alaikum but an ahmadi doing that can be punished legally with imrisonment and fine! even after the carnage at ahmadi mosques mullahs are defending those discriminatory laws.

  2. lets pray to god for all ahmadis living in pakistan …..may god allways be with them and ….and give tham strenth to fight with there condition. well i know every ahmadi …..is a MISAAL to the word for his petiance.

  3. I am a ahmady. Thanks everybody who is spporting us.We all are equell
    everybody should have the right to practice their religion

  4. Dear Khan,
    I am overwhelmed by your article, I myself am not a ahmadi, but a simple unknown pakistani living in forighn land and am sorry for my ahmadi briothers and sisters, infact I should call you just brothers and sisters, your belief and faith is your business. Please give me permission to distribute your article on other blogs
    my contact is saifomarkhan@yahoo.com mobile: 0096597884637

  5. Every one has the right to practice their religion .Quad-e-Azam wanted a secular Pakistan ,Repeal Blesphamy Law .Separate Religion from State Affairs

  6. I cannot tell you of how my heart sank as I heard the blood curling wail that escaped an elderly man when the imam said, in a quivering voice, “from God we come and to God we return”. I hope you never hear it.

    I can’t tell you, in all my gratitude, how much this post means to me sepoy. I really can’t. But I have to atleast try.

    Thank You.

  7. An awful carnage … and it’s a pity that there is no one really saying sorry on behalf of Pakistan, it’s politicians, it’s elite. Taubah!

  8. The role of the Saudi money and opinion in the persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan and elsewhere should also be noted. I discussed the situation in Malaysia and Pakistan in an essay last January in Outlook on the web.

    Many years back, I was in India when the “Imam of Ka’ba” was brought to Lucknow by the maulanas at the Nadwa to thunder against the Ahmadis. He then went to a few other major cities to give the same talk.

  9. Thank you for this post, and to the other comments, including Professor Naim. It’s good to see that some people care and are will to stand with this persecuted sect. The overall silence of the so called moderate Muslim majority had become deafening.

  10. The Pakistani state can do two simple things to start. Declare Sunday as a national day of mourning, and arrange for the President and the P.M. and his entire cabinet to attend a “gha’ibana namaaz-i-janaaza” (i.e. a public prayer, without the presence of the coffins) on the biggest parade ground in Islamabad, inviting all the people of the city to attend. Security? To hell with it. Let them taste the fear that countless helpless people feel today in Pakistan.
    Similar public prayer should be held all over Pakistan. They will give courage to the ordinary citizens who despise what has been going for three decades but know that the state is not on their side.
    Will it happen? No.
    What can we do? Read all Pakistani newspapers, Urdu and English, make a note of all the hypocritical pieties that will be pronounced, also make a note of all the silences, and then Remember. Always, Remember.
    Some of us should also do the kind of diligent work that many young people are doing in Pakistan. To my knowledge, Mubasher Lucman (mubashshir luqman) is perhaps the only TV personality who has boldly taken up the issue of egregious cruelty to Ahmadi Muslims. Clips of his show are available on YouTube. I was also very impressed by a young journalist, Mehreen Zahra-Malik, who exposed the constitutional and judicial nexus against the Ahmadis in an essay, “Copyright religion.”

  11. It is so sad a situition. Ahmadi’s ,whatever state edict passed against them by ZAB govt. under pressure from Mullah and Mufti alike, are generally some of the finest and well educated people in Pakistan. Some of best friends I made at King Edward Medical college(decades ago) are Ahmadis, very cultured and non-violent ,very humane. It would have been best if some judgements were left to the creator Himself. May the dead RIP, and the wounded have a speedy recovery.

  12. Every Muslim condemns this evil incident and It is only done to show the world that it is unsafe country and the one where minorities aren’t protected.

    We are all Pakistanis no matter which religion or race we belong to……..

  13. It was indeed carnage. Our two-faced mullas didnt even condemn this ghastly act of terror.

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