Tick Tock IV

in homistan

Griff Witte’s Musharraf’s Military Reaches Deep Into Pakistani Society, WaPo, June 27: “Yet in a country where the military has long been immune from criticism, its extraordinary power is now drawing open contempt from civilians. A campaign against Musharraf that began three months ago, following his suspension of the chief justice, has exploded into a full-fledged movement to oust the armed services from civilian life and send the generals back to their barracks.”

Carlotta Gall’s As Pakistan’s Chief Looks Ahead, Army Holds the Cards, NYT, June 28: “Asked if the corps commanders might tell the general he had to go, he answered, “We may be coming to that stage.”

There used to be a time when the biggest “social program” Pakistani intellectuals hammed about was de-feudalization. The wave of the future: de-militarization.

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