The Prodigal Son

I quote W. G. Sebald from an old interview: “Going home is not necessarily a wonderful experience,” he says. “It always comes with a sense of loss, and makes you so conscious of the inexorable passage of time.” He adds: “If you’re based in two places, on a bad day you see only the disadvantages everywhere. On a bad day, returning to Germany brings back all kinds of spectres from the past.”

Nawaz Sharif has returned home.

Update: Zutt.

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  1. “Sorry to nitpick but W.G. Sebald no?”

    In 1985 when Nawaz sharif wad elected CM of Punjab, in assembly Gov Jilani took off a waiter’s hat and put it on Nawaz’s head. News papers published a colorful photo of it, he was not a least bit embarassed.
    The joke was that when Zia’s interloculators approached Mian Sharif(late) to provide a guidance towards selection of Punjab’s ruler(he had grude against Bhutto for Nationalising Ittefaq group assets). He offered Nawaz saying that He has done B.A ,plays cricket and is no good for business ,so you can take him. Rest as you know is history….

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