Spoonful of Sugar

[Editor’s note: I admit it. I have Sepoy. He is safe, for now. Leave $20m Euros on my porch, or I will read Camille Paglia to him and force feed him instant grits.]

Assured poor folk will be able to get meds cheap, Indian parliamentary “leftists” unchained themselves from the proverbial redwood and, at last, 20 year patent protections have come to the Indian drug market. Apparently, this legislative change came at the behest of the WTO, which will undoubtedly approve of the expected boon in outsourcing from US and European pill pressers. The big question is whether India and its neighbors will suddenly develop designer neuroses. Keep an eye out for totally nonsensical ads filmed by bollywood’s hottest directors, featuring eerily gleeful people leaping through meadows and watching sunsets from deck-mounted bathtubs.

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  2. Thanks for the info. He is indeed proving to be a hard nut to crack. He has a very large noggin, and most of it is skull.

  3. Sepoy cannot be harmed by the likes of Paglia (though I admit nobody has every tried grits before). I don’t think a single author will do it: you’ll need a carefully calibrated mix of Orientalists, semi-amateur Islamologists, literary junk (Paglia alone won’t do it: Stanley Fish, though, might make a dent) and probably some Victor Davis Hanson…. But don’t quote me.

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