Questioning Jinnah

From the Gujarati literary journal Visami Sadi [may the internet gods smile upon whomever digitized it], May 1916, comes this nugget of a Q&A with Mohammad Ali Jinnah [link and translation via Daily Times] :

Q: What are the qualities a man should be admired for?

A: Independence (swatantrata).

Q: What are the qualities a woman should be admired for?

A: Taking care of the elderly (vrudhdha-dari).

Q: What do you think is true success in life?

A: To be admired and loved by people (lok-no chhah melavva-ma).

Q: What’s your favourite pastime?

A: Horse riding (ghode-savari).

Q: What’s your favourite flower?

A: Lilly.

Q: Who’s your favourite writer?

A: Shakespeare.

Q: What’s your favourite book?

A: Monte Cristo (The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas).

Q: What’s your motto?

A: Never be depressed (kadi nirash na thavu).

“To be admired and loved by people.” That does explain some things.

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  1. Hello,
    I made a mistake which I must correct.
    In his reply to the second question – “Stree ma vakhanva layak sadgun kayo?” (what are the qualities a woman should be admired for?) – Jinnah replied “Vafadari” (loyalty), and not vrudhdhadari, as I had misread.
    My apologies to Mr Hasan, and his readers.

  2. This is fascinating. It sort of disturbs me to realize that several of his responses are identical or nearly so to those I would have given to those questions–even as recently as a few years ago. Monte Cristo is gold.

  3. Once I inquired Cowasjee (Dawn Pakistan ), How come Jinnah carved a smaller secular country from a big secular India.Cowasjee responded as below

    “He did what he could to make a homeland for the Muslims who he feared
    not be able to compete with the majority. Not confused – merely used

    From the above nuggget, from 1916 it seems like poor guy(Jinnah) was just trying to meet his own need of being liked and admired by a lot of people(now 160 million and counting),evrything else in which he plated a role was incidental to it!

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