My Own Personal Drive

update: In 24 hours, we have raised $1000 dollars! I cannot even tell you how thankful I am. More to come. Tshirts…..

Gentle Readers,

I have a plea for you. I urge you to donate what you can for the relief of the millions in Kashmir and Pakistan. I have provided a list of charities that I can endorse. My charity of choice, Edhi Foundation, is accessible through ADP – who have now raised over $120,000 dollars.

Before I learned of them, I created a paypal account to solicit donations on behalf of Edhi Foundation.

I want to, now, launch my own drive, as well.

I will keep the drive open for 2 weeks. 100% of your donation will go straight to the victims of the Earthquake. I will scan and put-up the paypal check when I receive it. I will scan and put up the wire-transfer receipt when I send it on. I am not a charitable organization so this won’t be a tax-deduction. I will mail a small token of my thanks to anyone who donates over $15 dollars. Please include your mailing address in that case.

If you are a fan of CM, if you think you can trust me, please feel free to advertise this on your blog/site. I know that the virtual world is filled with scams of all nature and I am hoping that you, who have known me for over a year, understand that I MUST do whatever is within my power to do. I know that this might be more effective with a celebrity spokesperson but I have no access to those with fame. So, a personal effort for donations is the least that I can think of doing right now.

Please, please, Donate.

Remember that you do NOT need to be a paypal member to donate and that they take all major credit cards etc.

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  1. I am a US based Pakistani and would like to inform of another way to raise some funds for the earthquake, that worked really well for us.

    We organized a “Earthquake Mela”/ fair for the community (Pakistani/ non-Pakistani) in NJ yesterday. The hall rental was highly subsidized ($1500) since it was for a charitable cause. The food was largely donated by restaurants in NJ. Volunteers organized games/ face painiting/ hena paining etc. Funds were raised as follows:

    1. Entrance Fee that was $3 per person.

    2. Food items were being sold at restaurant rates. We spent close to $8-$10 per person just on food.

    3. Children games etc. were another $20 or so…

    4. Tables were sold by vendors (banks, mortgage companies, books sellers etc) who paid for the tables.

    I believe that an average family of 4 would have spent close to $80-$100 dollars on fun things, but all that money went towards Fund raising.

    If there were, lets say, 500 families (conservative estimate) who attended, that translated to $50,000 of funds. In addition to that, people also wrote checks and donated money for the quake victims.

    Sometimes people find redirecting their existing entertainment towards fun things like this easier than to put there hands into their pockets, which are not very deep for everybody.

    I believe that other communities should do that too.

    Ahmer Azam

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  8. Sepoy, if you want a copy of it, say the word. Geo’s London dept. head is a close friend, and I could get it for you in about 25-odd minutes and mail it over.

  9. George Ka Pakistan” does sound political, doesn’t it? But, it is was a very popular reality show about a Brit man named George living in Pakistan. I will keep you posted as soon as I get my hands on it.

  10. Excellent! idea about showing the movie. I will post it under fund raising ideas. Send me the link.

    K-State PSA is holding a Pakistani Food Bazar for fund raising.

    Tell us more about the movie we may show it at other places as well. However, I have only one concern. At this moment if we show non-political movies that would be better. Remaining bi-partisian may help us garner more support and funds for help.

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