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in homistan

update: In 24 hours, we have raised $1000 dollars! I cannot even tell you how thankful I am. More to come. Tshirts…..

Gentle Readers,

I have a plea for you. I urge you to donate what you can for the relief of the millions in Kashmir and Pakistan. I have provided a list of charities that I can endorse. My charity of choice, Edhi Foundation, is accessible through ADP – who have now raised over $120,000 dollars.

Before I learned of them, I created a paypal account to solicit donations on behalf of Edhi Foundation.

I want to, now, launch my own drive, as well.

I will keep the drive open for 2 weeks. 100% of your donation will go straight to the victims of the Earthquake. I will scan and put-up the paypal check when I receive it. I will scan and put up the wire-transfer receipt when I send it on. I am not a charitable organization so this won’t be a tax-deduction. I will mail a small token of my thanks to anyone who donates over $15 dollars. Please include your mailing address in that case.

If you are a fan of CM, if you think you can trust me, please feel free to advertise this on your blog/site. I know that the virtual world is filled with scams of all nature and I am hoping that you, who have known me for over a year, understand that I MUST do whatever is within my power to do. I know that this might be more effective with a celebrity spokesperson but I have no access to those with fame. So, a personal effort for donations is the least that I can think of doing right now.

Please, please, Donate.

Remember that you do NOT need to be a paypal member to donate and that they take all major credit cards etc.

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