Midan Tahrir

in homistan

Tahrir Square

نداےً غیب
ہر ایک اولی الامر کو صدا دو
کہ اپنی فردِ عمل سنبھالے
اٹھے گا جب جمِ سرفروشاں
پڑیں گے دار و رسن کے لالے
کوئی نہ ہوگا کہ جو بچالے
جزا سزا سب یہی پہ ہوگی
یہیں عذاب و ثواب ہوگا
یہیں سے اٹھے گا شورِ محشر
یہیں پہ روزِ حساب ہوگا\

Nada-i Ghaib, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Samarqand, May 1979 (in collection Meray Dil Meray Musafir)

har ik awali-al-amr ko sada do
kay apni fard-e `aml sambahlay
uthay gah jab jam-e sarfarooshan
paRain gay dar or rasn kay lalay
jaza saza sab yahi pay ho gah
yahi say uThay ga shor-e mahshar
yahin pay roz-e hisab ho ga

Tell, the Rulers
You take account, now
of your deeds
when we rise,
with the will to discard our lives
then you will confront the chain, the prison
here, right here, will be reward, retaliation
here, right here, will be punishment, bendiction
from right here, will rise the din of judgment
Here, right here, will be the Day of Reckoning.

(my loose translation)

Violence has erupted in Tahrir as I post this. Violence of Mubarak’s goon squad on the peaceful demonstrators. Yet, Obama and Blair will continue to protect Mubarak. No matter, the will of the people of Egypt will prevail.

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