Lahore High Court

The last afternoon before I left the country, we snuck to the rooftop of Lahore High Court to cast a parting glance at the city. The image still remains imprinted. A while ago, I highlighted the photos of rizwan on flickr, who had some amazing – yet routine – captures: perhaps my favorite photo, a close second, and another. All of these images of the Lahore High Court spoke to me of a past that still lingers on in the city of Lahore. Now that the present has finally reached Lahore, that red-bricked building seems to retreat even further into the past.

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  1. Up to now, Lahore has been visibly absent from the roster of terror attacks and nonsensical destruction. Perhaps it has becoming a victim of it’s own peacefulness? Either way, all Pakistanis are under attack. The question remains: Where do we go from here?


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