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  1. “Free and fair” elections, back to “true democracy,” as promised by a dictator, ruling under an emergency, to a bunch of democrats ready to cut a deal, is not going to do much good. It will be very old wine in very old bottles. Well-wishers of Pakistan, at home and abroad, need to grasp the one promising development in an otherwise sorry history. They have to agree on a one-point agenda—the Supreme Court has to be restored; the independence of the judiciary has to be guaranteed. This is the only leverage we have at the moment, the one issue on which a broad coalition can unite. This is where the fight for “true democracy” begins. Whomsoever is next anointed by God would need to be put to this test of sincerity. Otherwise, the moment and the opening would be lost. Those who are fighting would need to go on fighting.

  2. It is to respond comments by shawana who unintentionally toeing the line of dictators. From Ayub to Mushaff all blames politicians for corruption
    Let me her that it is only politicians who fight dictators .dictators do not go by writing smoky words on internet. Now this is the benazir Bhutto who is fighting the present army ruler. Only workers are people party who are bearing the burnt of state oppression. I respect Imran I respect all politicians but no one is super humane. He was the man who sported and voted a army dictator in referendum he too is alleged to be involved in a kind of corruption which is called moral corruption But it is not the time to condemn to our leaders in Pakistan it is time to sport every one who stand for revival constitution and courts so do not be depressed keep it up the movement these lines geo news is says that it is being forced to be closed but even then do not loose heart we the people of Pakistan shall win at last

  3. Dalee Benazir Bhutto who is the most corrupt woman in Pakistani history wife of zardari police tout is viewed as hero. Nawaz Sharif (lohar)who raped Pakistan with corruption is also considered a leader. Gujrati sons of police constable who made millions in corruption are viewed as leaders. Chaudhari Shamshad of Kamoke who is son of Wakil khan who did not owned two inches of land and now his sons are billionaires.
    Also from Kamoke the Son of Nazir (balungara) who’s father owned 3 acres has purchased over 1500 acres with cash. Where did all this money come from ofcourse, corruption, Looting the poor, being police touts.
    What the fuck is wrong with the people of Pakistan that they love corrupt dishonest bastards rather than a good human being like Imran Khan.

  4. That booklet is fantastic. Good to have those links as some sort of reference point/roadmap.

    Hey, speaking of Bhutto (who was mentioned in the booklet), I just read in the NYT that she has largely sidestepped the issue of the judiciary and focused on elections instead.

    Also, just want to throw this out: she can thank the suicide bomber.

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