One Fine Day

I hate my birthdays and this one provides more to hate than most recent ones. Yet, I am loving this one. Because I get to see my brother in a few hours [haven’t hugged him since 2001!]. Rosh Hashanah _and_ Ramadan are here, as well [shalom and mubarak!]. So, joy to all and sundry.

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  1. Belated happy birthday.

    A long long long time ago I discovered that birthdays tend to be fairly lucky days. Anecdotal proof was the fact that I had been playing poker with my classmates on a return trip back to Karachi on Awami Express and kept on losing till the magic clock turned 12 and the big day arrived.

    10 years later on the same day I also picked up a desperately needed job offer and finally passed my driving license test in California.

    Then again playing poker and passing a driving test are poor uses of lady luck’s company.

    I am sure you did better.

  2. aamir: sony!

    adil: yeah, let’s blame the brits! btw, my grandma says that my father was born the second month of badhoon, after the flood. whats with the flood?

    grigori: domo!

  3. Happy Birthda, yaara!

    Always wondered how the B’day concept came to our parts of the world. Here is something I have heard and always liked, but never sure if it were true. Maybe you know if it is:

    The story goes that remembering the date one is born on is not really of any practical use. So most people in most parts of the world, never cared to remember them (my grandmother always told me she was born in the summer in the year there was a flood… that’s all). In our part of the world, then, the Brits required that all males ‘register’ themselves (possibly for later conscription) and so people went and invented ‘reasonable’ birthdates for registration… hence, the very high number of folks in a certain generation born of Dec. 25 or Jan. 1….

    I suspect this is not entirely true, but a cute story nonetheless…..

  4. honk, honk, honk, everybody honk for Manan’s b’day.

    who’s comming bye the way? is it baba?????? send him over to the big apple

  5. happy birthday!

    i don’t know what you studied or what you’re doing now (a phd?) but i like it. i know it’s only rock and roll…… if it’s too cryptic think rolling stones

    have a good one.


  6. Heppy Bird-Day! *If I was 6 years old and a Punj – I’d be saying this in a Pink Frilly Frock with a small gold wrapper wrapped Box in hand.” :)

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