merry xmas

SMSes are running around saying that India has attacked.

To all my gentle readers, a merry end to 2008.

10 thoughts on “merry merry

  1. If you look at it just right, you will notice an orange cone sticking straight out from Mr Pavin’s forehead

  2. Don’t judge, y’all. I witnessed a vision quest of Sepoy’s in Iowa City, Iowa. It’s all relative.

  3. That, dear Mario, is Jeremy Piven during his visionquest to India.

  4. Yes, quite a few significant deaths this past week: Samuel Huntington, Harold Pinter, Deep Throat.

    Umar, I am certain that you too are dikhne mein lajawaab, but I meant the guy in the picture. :)

  5. wow, I missed that news. Thanks, Umar.

  6. Well, my name is U… wait… do you mean the guy in the picture?

  7. And who might this handsome young man be?

  8. In completely unrelated news, Samuel Huntington died on Christmas Eve… as someone who was forced into engineering and only dabbled in history, I did read his book (yes, that one), but my lack of training in the field makes me unqualified to comment without making a fool of myself… perhaps Sepoy can write at length on him?

  9. Not nice. No SMS rumors on Xmass day.

  10. Yaar…

    Can you not add to the madness that this war hysteria is?

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