Great Summer Slumber

Gentle Readers,

I bid farewell to you for the next few months. Enjoy yourselves. Have wonderful summer vacations. Leave me comments with cheerful news.

CM will return on September the 12th, 2006.

A break of sorts. You can read my latest rant on Bernard Lewis here.

6 Replies to “Great Summer Slumber”

  1. glad to see you back, even for just a moment. everytime I think Lewis has thoroughly discredited himself, he manages to write something even more insane. God, I miss Said right now.

  2. how DARE you take off to write/defend!?!?!?! now where will we get our chapati fix? did you ever think of that? huh? how insensitive! i can feel the shakes starting already….. not even a lil taste? no ‘notes’? nothin? i can’t handle it man!

    seriously though — good luck, dude. holler when you’re blowing off the pent-up steam from documentating around the clock.

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