All Tied Up in Knots

I wish to inform you that in the past few weeks, I should have written the following:

  • A review of Jonathan Lear’s brilliant Radical Hope: Ethics in the Face of Cultural Devastation.
  • My thoughts on Sudhir Venkatesh’s talk at the IHouse. He is the author of Off the Books: The Underground Economy of the Urban Poor.
  • The inevitable Borat post.
  • The next post in the Polyglot Manifesto series – which is the paper I presented at Madison.
  • About Zotero.
  • What I have learned – and hope to put into use – from teachers of postcolonialism at Chicago.
  • All India Muslim League – a conference we organized recently.
  • My Thomas Paine project.
  • A snarky post about how tone-deaf the major conferences are – in this case, AAS – to standard internet practices. Even ones dedicated to computing, AAHC, need work.
  • A really snarky post about 8 kinds of wrong in Faisal Devji’s ISIM article Global War on Terror as De-Militarization [pdf link].
  • A really really snarky post about Sayyid Qutb and the experts of GWOT and Islamism.
  • A post about the up-heavels in Pakistan on all fronts. Nuts, really.
  • A review of Dirks’ The Scandal of Empire: India and the Creation of Imperial Britain.
  • Insane YouTube clips of songs from the Golden Age of Hindi cinema, break-dancing, and mujras from Pakistan. You can see some that I added to my favorites.
  • A post about the Annual Cliopatria Awards for best of the history blogosphere. Telling you to go nominate your favorites.

HOWEVER, I confess that I haven’t done any of the above. You don’t need reasons, gentle readers. You and I go back – way back. You are indulgent. I will just mention that my hunt for a professorship, my somewhat increased biodegradability, and my work are to be blamed. I miss CM. The good news is that I can see the end of the insanity. Soon.

3 Replies to “All Tied Up in Knots”

  1. AIML, Devji, POCO, and Youtube. Saw your favourites, and this is quite a coincidence, as I posted one of your favourite songs on the blog just today.

  2. are you taking votes on which of these to actually write? if so, im ranking them as follows:

    1) postcolonialism

    2) AIML

    3) zotero

    4) devji

    5) qutb

    it would be particularly interesting to see you try to combine 1+2 or 4+5.

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