in holydays

Most years this date floats by, but thanks to the CM FAN PAGE ON FACEBOOK (!) I was reminded of that April afternoon six long years ago when I started to ruminate (ahem) on here.

On an escalator at AAS, one wag stated out loud, oh dude, I was reading CM when in high school. This would not have disturbed me, had said wag not just informed me that he was now writing his dissertation chapters. I let the moment pass since a full-blown histrionic fit on abhi to main jawan hoon would have just been unseemly. Then.

You, gentle readers, need to understand my profound gratitude – you have enabled me to host a singular space for dialogue, for mockery, for exposition. So much of “community” aspects of blogging have moved to social networks (and all of the linking has moved to twitter) that this space is almost a throwback. My own commitments have kept the postings sparse, in the last year or two. Blog is dead, they say – ok, I say.

But I like being contrarian. So, hereby I pledge to further the amazing renaissance Lapata has generated on CM recently; to introduce you to more refined sophistry; to be quaint in all the right ways; to keep the internet cafe meme going for all eternity.

I thank you.

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