Ten Years Ago Today

Today marks the tenth anniversary of this particular blog. A decade of my life is now invested in a virtual space which itself has nurtured my mind, my writing, my friendships, my community and my making sense of the world. Yet, "I" have been only a subset of what "CM" is. This is the fact [...]

Explaining Pakistan

I did a segment with Jerome MacDonald for Worldview at WBEZ. Please to listen and enjoy. And comment, etc.

Remember the Rooftops

Gentle Readers, The book was launched last week. It was lovely, lovely, lovely, to have so many of my dearest friends there. Lovely to talk with new friends and lovelier still to be bathed in so much love. Have I used the word "love" enough yet? But that is the thing which remains with me [...]

Why are Roses Red?

When ships are launched, they pour water or more bubbly stuff to ask the gods to bless it. When Books are launched, the gods are less likely to be pleased if water is poured on it. On Monday, Aug 26th, at 7pm, we will be launching Where The Wild Frontiers Are at The Asian American [...]

The end is coming soon

The wind blows cold outside your door/it whispers words I've tried before But you don't hear me anymore/your pride's just too demanding The end is coming soon, it's plain/a warm bed just ain't worth the pain - Tower Song, Townes van Zandt Two things I know about Houston - my Babu hails from that town [...]

A Jaundiced Eye

Jacob Silverman, Where the Wild Frontiers Are: America comes up short in South Asia, Sep 2, 2011, The National: A worthwhile political blogger doesn't have to always be right, but he or she should be able to remain sober in the emotional maelstrom of politics or amidst national trauma. Ahmed repeatedly does this, particularly when [...]


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