Man Enough for Madras?

I don’t really want this blog to deteriorate down to me listing SPAM everyday but this is too damn good to pass over. This spam comes from J.Crew touting their new summer collection. The ad copy was what caught my attention:

When the tailors of Madras invented the lightweight Madras Patch Jacket, they discovered that the only thing that kept them cooler on a hot Indian day was a quick dip in the Ganges. This season, J.Crew has taken this fine loomed Madras Patch and sewn it into a special edition jacket, pants, shirts, hats and belts. So now you can stay cool and look cool, too.

Now how exactly does jacket-designing and dipping-in-da-ganges square? Regardless, that is ugh-liest thing I have ever seen. In defense of the tailors of Madras, it was the Scots Brigade and the 19th Light Dragoons – the first cavalry to come to India in late c. 18th- with their Scottish tartans uniforms that got re-interpreted and taken back to England. So, uh, as on my latest kick: Blame the Scots!! (this kick is due to my watching Niall Ferguson on CSPAN).

Best Spammer: Harry Braun

Received the coolest spam in a while send in by Harry Braun for President.

Analyst and author Harry Braun is running as an Independent Candidate for President because unlike President Bush or Senator Kerry, he has a Phoenix Project ( plan that will employ millions of Americans and supercharge the economy by making America energy independent of all fossil and nuclear fuels by 2010. This will be accomplished by mass-producing wind-powered hydrogen production systems, including sea-based “Windships” like the ones pictured above, which were developed by William Heronemus.

With his Multi Array Windships’ picture, he had me enthralled. The images are straight out of 70’s Popular Science, the geekiness is so retro-futuristic that it is right on target. Yes, Harry, I wholeheartedly want ” to produce high-quality CD and/or videos with state-of-the-art animation on every major academic area”. My CDs would be awesome. Just last thursday’s lecture alone when I forgot a word for civil bureaucracy in Urdu or English or Swahili and stymied around for five minutes would be an amazing tool.
Let it be said: Nothing in kerry or bush can ever come close to the coolness that is the Arcologies: City Without Cars.

When is the next Meetup?

Apple is no Mango

On my recent trip to Pakistan, my father loved the simplicity of OS X.3 and asked me to find him an apple powerbook in Pakistan. I went to Hafeez Center – the tech center of Lahore – and inquired around for an Apple reseller. Ha! No one in 4 teeming floors had heard of such a thing. Sure, they knew the legends of Apple but none had seen one with their eyes. The common view was the hardware was too expensive and that no microsoft software runs on them (which effectively puts you out of the piracy market).
I would have left my powerbook with my father but I knew there was no support structure for him and a tech call every 2 years is not cool.
Today I read that the state of Apple is bad in India as well. It is a shame that Apple is not pursuing such markets as South Asia and China. With the best OS in the game, what are they waiting for? Like Om says, they can at least sell the eMacs at a competitive price.
Apple: If you are interested, I have the business cards of several Hafeez Center entreprenuers who salivated over my powerbook.

Mac rumors

I need to sell my laptop and my desktop G4s. I keep meaning to put them on marketplace but I forget. In the meantime, dust is accumulating in the giga-flopping chipsets.
Of course, I am selling them to clear room for the G5 powerbook. Oh yeah. Let me tell you as a registered Apple Developer that nothing will be hotter than the G5 PB. Nothing. My G5 desktop (dual 1.8GHz/1G RAM) needs 7 fans to cool it off as it applies my latest Fill Tab command in Office X.
The PB will then either need to be operated entirely inside a Coke vending machine OR it will come with it’s own portable Industrial Strength Cooling Fan 2000XD-L. Either way, I am psyched.
What about the rumors of a liquid-cooling system? Well, I happen to know the inside track there as well. The liquid-cooling system is fully operational and tested. It works great. The only hitch left to solve is to keep the water from spilling when you tilt the powerbook. They are working on that. There are also efforts to do something like the original iMacs (with colors) by doing a branding tie-in with Gatorade to cool the machines.
The ingenuity of Apple engineers (should they be called Macineers? like Imagineers of Disney) knows no bound though. They know that in hot climates, when people wanna stay cool, they put loose, meshed clothes that keep the body temperature down. So, along with liquid-cooling, they are clothing the new G5 PB in mesh. Maybe they can do tie-in’s with Gatorade AND Banana Republic!
I cannot wait.
In other news, there are signs of life at iowablog!