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On Academic Blogging with Amitava Kumar

The esteemed Amitava Kumar, who wrote the foreword for the CM book, interviewed me for his column on academic blogging: Manan Ahmed is a historian. He is also a blogger who started the blog Chapati Mystery. His blog-posts have been curated into a book that is coming out this month. Manan’s publisher asked me to [...]

Shut Down the NEH

Seriously! In the list of horrible waste of tax-payer's hard earned money exposed by Fox News, I saw this: $50,000 to build a computer model of an ancient city in Pakistan complete with "animated and interactive 'inhabitants'. If history is our guide, it won't be long before these inhabitants fall to radical ideologies and turn [...]

I give up

Anyone wanna design a new look for CM that looks passable on IE/Win? I am about ready to go back to .txt files.

Life Photographs

You might have found out, by now, that Google has uploaded Life magazine's trove of photographs from the 1860s onwards onto their formidable servers. They are of decent quality - with some tags/Labels. The viewer, of course, cannot add their own notations, labels and tags. ((If they did allow it, I could tell them that [...]

Surfing on Crowds

A week or so ago Stephen Mihm had an interesting article in Boston Globe, Everyone's a historian now: How the Internet - and you - will make history deeper, richer, and more accurate. Mihm concentrated on the effect of crowd sourcing on history as a research/archival practice, but I have been thinking about the positive [...]

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