Scav Hunt

The Annual Scavenger Hunt is on at U of C. A bigger collection of really weird happenings you will not find anywhere else outside this charming hunt. Moacir’s computer already got slashdotted. So, don’t even bother clicking on that. Past exploits have been to build a plutonium-producing breeder reactor, launch a Twinkie over the law school library and acquire a live elephant [I didn’t see those. I did see an orgy on the admin quad but am not sure it was related to last year’s Scav Hunt at all]. The Scav Hunt seems to be a dorm thing. And as long as I do not get an atomic wedgie, I enthusiastically support it. Mechanics: A group of Judges (¸ber-cool, ultr‰-hip individuals) put together a list of items (sublime and profane) with points attached to each. There are teams comprised of the various dorm house residents. They compete over 4 days to accumulate as many points as possible. Team with most points wins and wigs out. They even made a documentary about it. Here’s a blog on it.
This year’s list seems inspired by Passion of the Christ. But there are some cool iTunes, and math items. I am disappointed that Moacir did not put ANY cricket-related items on the list. Saddened, really. Or Pakistani dictator items.
go read some choice items and marvel at the world that is the university of chicago:
UPDATE: Daily Times picks up Maroon coverage via Reuters.
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Thursdays Suck

It is HOT and HUMID! Yesterday, it was cold. why? What happened to spring in Chicago? Can I have a clear blue sky? Please!?
Today, I have had to deal with Sasser happiness, Eudora upgrades, and general technological malaise. Our licensing department sees fit to put a download link to Eudora 6 on a page clearly titled Eudora 5. Oh.Okay.
Furthermore, the user had 34 critical updates for her machine. She had been dismissing the “YOU HAVE CRITICAL UPDATES. INSTALL NOW??” dialogues. Didn’t think they were needed.

Plus, I have to write the lecture for today’s class. Actually, I can use Tuesday’s lecture since I never got around to it. I also have to give them a mid-term evaluation – of me. scared to hear those verdicts.

On the bright side – we got Herman Miller’s Aereon chair knock-offs for my office. Plus, there is cricket on the quads.

The Socratic Method Man

Today, we were discussing the Khilafat Movement (1920) [i do not have a good link here because the stuff on the internet is terrible. I will write up a short thing if interest is shown by anyone remotely interested]. I have read and thought about this mass movement in India and I was hoping that I can convince my students to note the development of the political use of religious symbols as an anti-colonial practice.
My students are smart kids. Very smart kids. But they all suffer from the same epidemic – let’s take these writings at face value – which prohibts any critical engagement with the text. I prodded them. I poked them. I stopped that guy who had not even DONE the reading. I even laid out my thesis in clear bullet-point.
Yet, I did not make it through. Or at least, I don’t think I did. They were un-impressed. They did not buy it.
As I walked back from the class, I thought to myself…what if I am the one who is wrong? Why is my interpretation any more valid? Is my job as a teacher to make them see something only I see? Or is it to come to a consensus as a group? Or is it just to throw non-sequitors into the empty, booming space?
I am not sure. This is my first seminar class – so, hopefully, answers will come with experience. Hopefully.

Bad Letters

Yesterday I come home and there are two letters waiting for me. One from University of Liverpool politely declining the interest i had expressed in them. The other from the College saying I didn’t get a teaching fellowship I had applied for.
A little disappointed. Just had such a great run lately, with the awards and the support etc.
Back to the grind. Who wants Liverpool anyways??