A Faiz Translation

"Dard Aye Ga Dabay Pa'oN" Faiz Ahmed Faiz in Montgomery Jail, 1956 "Prison Letters" translator - Manan Ahmed Asif Pain Will come, On Soft Feet. In a little while when once again, my heart will confront the thought of loneliness, what will I do? pain will come, on soft feet carrying a red lamp that [...]

Finding an Archive for a Cultural History II

I came to Georges Perec (1936- 1982) through his Espèces d’espaces and I have never really left him. Perec was part of the post-War, 1968 generation (with Paul Virilio, Jean-François Lyotard, Raymond Queneau and others) who were obsessed with space, and with narrativity.They all (to various degrees and varying forms) look at the place where [...]

Finding an Archive for a Cultural History I

In the last three years, I have been researching and thinking about a volume of interlinked essays on Lahore - perhaps on the historical "al-Sind". Over the course of the coming year, you will see one or two of those essays in print, and I hope to finish the book next year. It was contracted [...]

Remembering Kumkum Chatterjee

Two weeks ago, a group of scholars and family members gathered at Penn State University to honor the memory and work of Kumkum Chatterjee (1958-2012). The conference, The Local as Cosmopolitan: Negotiating Tradition, Making History, Translating Culture in South Asia, was hosted by Penn State's History and Asian Studies departments along with others. It focused [...]


Recently, a Sikh man was called "terrorist" and "Osama" and assaulted near his house - in Harlem. I wrote about it: Is the attack on Mr. Singh an event that bears a relationship to incidents of violence against minorities around the globe? His is, after all, a singular story. Yet, all the other cases of [...]

Village Idiots

[Gentle Readers, let me introduce to you another member of the CM family:ਮੁਟਿਆਰ مُٹیار mutiyar who prowls the streets of Lahore in a bael-gari and whips any machar she encounters. She is currently finishing her B.A. She is the best. We like her. We hope you do, too. - sepoy.] “Some might see this as [...]

Said is Dead. Long Live Said!

Dear all, On September 27th, I will be moderating an event in CCNY noting the tenth year anniversary of Edward Said. Details on the event are here. The panelists include our very own Lapata; Martín Espada, Chee Malabar (whom you should remember from here), Anjali Kamat, Kade Crockford, and Robyn Spencer. Here is the FB [...]

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