The Silver Screen War

(sepoy sez: you can find an introduction to purdah on the about CM page) Greetings CM readers, Sepoy has generously offered me a spot on his soapbox, a turn at the helm, a cameo in his story? Um a chance to reach out to some gentle minds…I would like to begin by discussing the current [...]

Sita Sings the Blues

Go watch the whole thing, now. Then go pay your regards to Director Nina Paley. Seriously, go. [via Kottke]

Ocean’s Latest

I usually don't watch telly, but this caught my attention. I missed the segment but found the transcript on NBC's news site. Not being up on my gossip, I can only hope this is the good news that it seems to be. Profile: George Clooney talks about Fatima Bhutto and how he’s become involved in [...]

Kabul Transit

Thanks to Moacir, I watched the documentary Kabul Transit. Eschewing the usual talking heads approach - or even much of a linear narrative at all - it allows us to follow some people in Kabul for short periods of time. An entrepreneur, some government officials, some Canadian force members of NATO-ISAF, a yunani physician, some Kabul [...]


I highly recommend that you go out and watch Tarsem Singh Dhabdwar's The Fall. Think of it as a companion piece to del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth - obsessed with stories, story-tellers and the corrosive realities that surround them both. I was hesitant to go see it, until I read Ebert's interview with Tarsem (worth reading [...]

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