Sita Sings the Blues

Go watch the whole thing, now. Then go pay your regards to Director Nina Paley. Seriously, go. [via Kottke]

Ocean’s Latest

I usually don't watch telly, but this caught my attention. I missed the segment but found the transcript on NBC's news site. Not being up on my gossip, I can only hope this is the good news that it seems to be. Profile: George Clooney talks about Fatima Bhutto and how he’s become involved in [...]

Kabul Transit

Thanks to Moacir, I watched the documentary Kabul Transit. Eschewing the usual talking heads approach - or even much of a linear narrative at all - it allows us to follow some people in Kabul for short periods of time. An entrepreneur, some government officials, some Canadian force members of NATO-ISAF, a yunani physician, some Kabul [...]


I highly recommend that you go out and watch Tarsem Singh Dhabdwar's The Fall. Think of it as a companion piece to del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth - obsessed with stories, story-tellers and the corrosive realities that surround them both. I was hesitant to go see it, until I read Ebert's interview with Tarsem (worth reading [...]

Jodhaa Akbar

"Gowarikar came before the media with half a dozen history books and said that he researched the subject thoroughly before making the film." You will just have to imagine my cheshire cat grin upon reading that sentence in an otherwise eye-rolling reportage on the "controversy" surrounding Ashutosh Gowariker's bollywood spectacular Jodhaa Akbar. I want every [...]

Little Terrorist

Ashvin Kumar's Little Terrorist is a wonderful short that I accidently caught on the Sundance channel. The title is a bit misleading - I would have called it "The Wicket" - but it is heartfelt and a nice introduction to some issues of difference and sameness around the partitioned homistan.

Chapati Review: Wristcutters, A Love Story

(Suggested listening while reading this review: click here; don't bother to watch the clip, since it's just a fan slideshow) The film version of Etgar Keret's novella "Kneller's Happy Campers" (which is also recreated in the graphic novel Pizzeria Kamikaze) has finally been released in the US (see the earlier review of Keret's work here). [...]

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