Summer movies

Saw The Company friday night. It was ok. I was hoping for more back-stabbing, anorexia and mis-shappen toes. The music was good and there were some funny moments. Over all, it was good p.r. for the joffret ballet. And for a movie set in Chitown, it showed us scant of this beautiful city.
While in the car, we were talking about whether anything besides Spiderman 2 was worth waiting for and … came up empty. Well, EW came on Saturday and it is the Summer Movie Preview issue. Here is what I am psyched about:
SpiderMan 2: Sam Raimi is god. No doubt. and the preview shows that the studio is finally letting him be.
Super Size Me: The guy managed to kill off supersize option at McD. If that is not a triumph of humanity, I don’t know what is.
– Beat Takishi’s Zaitoichi: The man is cooler than whip cream. And this is no sword lite · la Kill Bill. Can’t Wait.
Bourne Supremacy: Bourne Identity was a great little movie. This one has a different director – Doug Liman ran away – so, my enthusiasm is moderated.
The Garden State: The writer/director, Zach Braff, is funny on The Scrubs. The preview looks good as well.
– List of Movies that Will Suck: I, Robot (Will “I-have-a-song-for-the-credits” Smith”), Before Sunset (Richard Linklater goes navel gazing. again), The Village (M. Night Boring), Troy (DUDE, it’s like GREEKS!)

Ok. I have to go write a lecture on Maududi now.

Donnie Darko Extended

One of my favorite movies from 2001, Donnie Darko is getting an extended cut in the cinemas. Richard Kelly (writer/director) spilled some beans to the Empire Magazine:

It will expand the meaning of the film and offer more clues and more solutions to the puzzle and create an additional layer of mystery for the audience. There really is a tremendous amount of new material – some of which will surprise even the most die-hard fans. One thing I am really excited about is the new sound. I was really unhappy with the mix that we had in the first cut. We never really had time to go in properly and design the sound. We can go back and really get it right this time. I’m very excited about the new sonic elements of the film.

I am really looking forward to this. My guess is that the Grandma Death storyline will be fleshed out and maybe the noah wyle character. Hopefully, it will answer whether Donnie wakes up in an alternate reality or does he only have the power of knowledge? Not so sure about the music bit. I happen to love that score and the soundtrack was perfect.

Edmund Husserl’s PussyCat

Yesterday, we were supposed to go see Russ Meyer’s magnum opus Faster, PussyCat Kill! Kill! at Doc Films – which is having a banner quarter (kudos to the volunteers-check the calendar here). I come home around 4ish and I am not even tired. Yet, when Eduardo called me at 6 to go, I was fast asleep. He could not persuade me to move, though he made one HELL of an argument that normally would have had me bolting outda door.
I felt bad afterwards to have missed the movie on the big screen.
I was looking around to see if T&A was an actual film term and I discovered that Barnes & Nobles has an excellent Film Glossary that covers every aspect of the film industry. Way to go B&N.
Oh, the answer is No. T&A is not a accepted film genre. PussyCat would be a Girl Gang Film. Grumpy Old Man would be a Gerontological Film. And I am tagging Phenomenology genre as an upcoming post.