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Election Map

It is pretty evident that we are not living in a red America and a blue America but in a Urban America and a Rural America. Every county with a major city, went to Obama. There is lots of election map pr0n (I love...) and here is my favorite map. update: Via Raj comes this [...]


Change, That’s What’s Up

90's nostalgia makes the best campaign commercial [Via Samip]

Yes! VII

Yes! VI

More brilliant hate: [via, boingboing] Below the fold, lies the best. A remarkable PWNGE of some douche by Muslim supporters of McCain:

Troy, OH

This past weekend, I visited Troy, Ohio. Besides farangi, the duo from the excellent were along for the ride. They were shadowing my attempt to convince just ONE ohio voter to cast her ballot for Obama because he is a Muslim. There really is nothing wrong with being a Muslim, man. I am telling [...]

Say it like you mean it

What is with conservatives and the word 'pakistan'? First, there was that insane Christopher Hitchens letter juju. And now comes the cry that Pock-i-stahn is so not the Amrikan pronunciation.  As a native speaker of Urdu, let me help you out: Pay-Armi-stan, Palin-s-TAN, Pick-a-side-an, Powpow-sometan. In any case, lets learn how to pronounce Obama's name, properly.

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