Welcome to the AARP, Mr. Ben Laden!

Happy Birthday OsamaDear Mr. Ben Laden:

Happy 50th birthday and welcome to the AARP! This is a very special birthday because it qualifies you for membership in one of the fastest growing organizations in the United States, the American Association of Retired Persons. AARP is all about beginnings, and depending on which type of membership you choose, this could be the start of the best years of your life. Whether it’s our monthly Magazine packed with news, entertainment and sage advice (yours with a basic membership package– only $12.50 per month), our powerful advocacy efforts for issues that are important to informed seniors like you and me (such as Medicaid and Social Security), or our fantastic Mature Explorers™ vacation packages and tours, you’ll find that AARP has a little something for everyone.
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Cheney nearly goes beyond a smirk

Karzai and Cheney having a bit of a laughIn pictures of Cheney following the failed assassination attempt in Afghanistan, he seems to be smiling in an almost non-smirkish way. According to Wonkette, this is his first real smile in years. Afficionados of the Cheney smirk will remember, however, that Cheney may not be able to move the right side of his face. In this picture, his head is tilted a bit to disguise that fact. Interesting to note that Hamid Karzai also appears to be having a bit of a laugh. Maybe that’s because no one has yet guessed his secret identity, despite the squint in his right eye.