Welcome Home Mr. Modi

Narenda Modi's global makeover owes much to neoliberal democracy and the ideology of developmentalism argues Sanyasi. The global rehabilitation of Narendra Modi is well underway. A lunch meeting in January this year at German Ambassador Michael Steiner's home between Modi and representatives from the states of the European Union "ended a decade-long unofficial EU boycott [...]

On the Poetics of Refugee Life and Space

Excerpted from “Refuge: A Work of Memory, Cities, and Loss.” I. Delhi .... Rising tides of wealth tossed them around, these men and their families in the one or two-storied houses painted yellow, colony after colony, a small park every three blocks, a cluster of shops every five, the children studying at the dining tables [...]

A Musafir in Iraqi Kurdistan – Part II

By Jyotsna Singh [ For Part I of my trip to Iraqi Kurdistan in 2012 on Chapati Mystery, see here.] I Journey to Dohuk We fly into Erbil (called Hawler by the locals) on a bright, late afternoon. The gleaming marble airport is hubbub with activity and people, including lots of security guards milling about.   The [...]

On ideas of Indian citizenship

Niraja Gopal Jayal, Citizenship and its Discontents: An Indian History, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2013. A version of this review essay appears in the May issue of the Caravan. My first formal encounter with the idea of citizenship was through an eighth-standard Civics textbook in India. In the Indian educational system, Civics had the [...]

We Are Not Talking About Ashis Nandy – JLF 2013

[Guest post by Hannah Green. Green is a writer and student learning Urdu (and Hindi) in Lucknow, India. She got her Bachelor's from Northwestern University in June 2012. Her writings have appeared on ThinkProgress, 3 Quarks Daily, and Racialicious. Here is a link to some of her other work, and to a very unfinished website.]  Whose 21st century? I didn't know whether [...]

A Musafir in Iraqi Kurdistan

[We thank Professor Jyotsna Singh for contributing her Kurdistan Diary to CM, along with photos and captions. ] A Musafir in Iraqi Kurdistan, May 2012 The murmuring mass of an unknown language constitutes a delicious protection, envelops the foreigner (provided the country is not hostile to him) in an auditory film which halts at his ears all the [...]

Postcards from the Archive: Goodbye 2012

Last year it was Sepoy’s essays that were collected in a book, and this year, a collection of Lapata’s essays and art, the second CM book, The Little Book of Terror, was published by Farangi’s Foxhead Books. You can read some reviews of TLBT at the new CM page, CM Books. We had some terrific [...]

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