Death is Iconic

This summer, Israel bombarded the Gaza Strip, killing hundreds of civilians, bombing schools and hospitals, and even UNRWA shelters. This might just have been another chapter in the ongoing occupation of Palestinian territories, but this summer, there was something new: an unprecedented number of photographs and videos made it through to the international community via [...]

Looking at Mughal(s)

Lately I have been thinking about narrativizing visual language of Mughal art. Which is a weird way of saying I want to talk about Mughal art telling stories. Which is even more of a weird way of saying I am beginning to see a future article in which I, a historian of text, looks. Looking [...]

Daisy Rockwell Answers

Our lapata is interviewed at CNN's OutFront on her recent book and her "controversial" art: OutFront: Our last conversation got a lot of attention and really seemed to upset a lot of people. Why do you think that happened? Rockwell: It seemed as though people were especially bothered by the fact that I was Norman [...]

Everybody knows who Yara Sofia is in Puerto Rico. And if you don’t, then sorry darling, this is not your world. --One of Kuzhali Manickavel's favorite quotes from Ru Paul's Drag Race, Season 3. For the past few months I've been up to my earlobes in Blaft Publications. Last week (?) I posted an interview [...]


When: Thursday, June 24, 2010 at 5:00pm Where: 5 Holden St., North Adams, MA 01247-2423 What: A LAPATA SHOW! Three Generations of Rockwell Creators: For the first time ever, the artwork of three generations of Rockwells will be displayed in the Berkshires, as the work of Jarvis and Daisy Rockwell is exhibited in North Adams [...]

Season’s Greetings

_______________________________________________________________________ A Happy Eid (and xmas, hannukah, kwanzaa, festivus) to all CM readers - may your bakras look better than Fidel.

A-jad Asleep


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