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An Account of Autumn – Manūchherī

“An Account of Autumn and in Praise of Aḥmad bin Abdus Samad, Vizier of Sultan Mas’ūd”, a wine-panegyric or khamriyya by Manūchherī Dāmaghānī (d. 1040 C.E.) (trans. Prashant Keshavmurthy) The Lord be praised – for autumn’s month is here, The month of shrinking and swelling vineyards. So much do they harvest and heap the grape [...]

XQs III: A Conversation with Arafaat Valiani

The XQs (Ten Questions) series is a conversation with the author of new and exciting works in South Asian Studies, whose aim is not to "review" but to contextualize, historicize and promote new scholarship Arafaat A. Valiani earned his doctoral degree from Columbia University. From September 2014, he will be Associate Professor of History in [...]

There’s something about Rats

My new interview with Amitava Kumar about his book A Matter of Rats, out from Duke University Press, is up on Bookslut. Here's a sneak peak: You discuss a Hindi short story in your book, in which the three kilometers the young heroine must walk to college each day is described in three phases, and [...]

Mirages of the Mind

The early books of famed Urdu satirist Mustaq Ahmed Yousufi (b. 1922), Chiragh Talay (1961) and Khakam-e Badhan (1969), functioned in the college space for us in Lahore as cigarettes function in a prison camp - a currency, a momentary respite, a surge, and a day dream. We used to crack jokes from his oeuvre [...]

Announcing my new novel, Taste

Excited to announce that my new novel, Taste, will be out from Foxhead Books in early April. Here's the amazing trailer directed by Carl Sprague and edited by Brett Marty: [tube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z77OBBD7bDU&feature=youtu.be[/tube] You can pre-order the book here. A vimeo version is in the works for those of you outside the YouTube frontier. And here's the [...]

First installment of an essay by Prashant Keshavmurthy ((Prashant Keshavmurthy is Assistant Professor of Persian Studies in the Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University. He spends his days biting his finger in wonderment at the strangeness of pre-19th century Indian and Middle Eastern literary cultures and his nights disentangling the dreadlocks of his affections.)) on [...]

A Faiz Translation

"Dard Aye Ga Dabay Pa'oN" Faiz Ahmed Faiz in Montgomery Jail, 1956 "Prison Letters" translator - Manan Ahmed Asif Pain Will come, On Soft Feet. In a little while when once again, my heart will confront the thought of loneliness, what will I do? pain will come, on soft feet carrying a red lamp that [...]

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