The Fantastical Nature of Our Times

CM friend, Neelika Jayawardane, reviewed Lapata's The Little Book of Terror for Africa is a Country. Rather than fall into the sort of pop-psychology that claims to sort out why the children of the well-off (Osama bin-Laden included) may find “radicalism” attractive, Daisy Rockwell’s “cheeky little volume” of paintings and minimalist essays, The Little Book of Terror, offers a [...]

3QD Arts & Lit Prize

I have a BEEF with the ridiculous voting thing that 3QD has - one can only vote for one post (wha?!?). But I want you all to go vote for one of Lapata's amazing three post (I will be voting for the Stay at-Home Man). The blogzine 3QuarksDaily Arts & Literature Prize has declared its [...]

On Salman Taseer

Ki Muhammad se wafa tu nay to hum teray hain/ Yeh Jahan chiz hay kiya, Loh o Qalam teray hain Be faithful to Muhammad and I am yours/ This world is nothing, the Tablet and Pen are yours. I have a short piece in The Caravan India: Forfeiting the Future: Pakistan’s crisis can’t simply be [...]

Discovered: Lapata

Ralph Luker, at Cliopatria, announces the Annual Cliopatria Awards in the History blogosphere. Guess who won a 2010! Best Writer: Lapata @ Chapati Mystery Lapata's essays are not so much written as they are assembled, careful collages of visuals, text, and quotations always cunningly integrated into architectural unities. Her style always serves her subject: in [...]

Shiny Domes

I have a review of Robert D. Kaplan's new tome Monsoon up at The National UAE: Recall America's imperial past, understand its present. The policy readers of this book will find it sober reading. The empire, which does listen to Robert Kaplan, will surely invite him to speak to groups with shiny brass and shinier [...]

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