Pakistan Ka Matlab Kiya III

“I’m the second Khan winning a World Cup for Pakistan, so I’m very proud of my Khans,” said Younis. “This is my dream. I dreamed all the time of lifting the World Cup. My thinking in all my career is that I will be remembered for a team like 1992. I was not in the Imran Khan team, and this is a dream come true. I’m really happy. Though this World Cup is Twenty20, at least we won our second World Cup. This is a gift to our whole nation.”

What do you know … those three good Talibans – Shahid Afridi, Umar Gul and Younis Khan – gave a gift of smiles uncountable.

A team so denied, a team so punished, a team so traumatized. Well played, kids.

Bats Left


Things have been dour here, lately. I was thinking we needed to talk cricket, today. And, as if by magic, dear e. sent this awesome shot of President Hussein getting schooled by Brian Lara (Mr. 400).

The IPL has started in South Africa. India’s biggest sporting event was moved due to security concerns to SA. The first few matches have already pit Shane Warne, Kevin Pietersen and Andrew Flintoff against each other. I think no one won. I will try and catch some on youtube or elsewhere. The IPL Page 2 site from cricinfo is quite, um, interesting?

In happy news, let it be noted that Afghanistan will be playing international cricket! As Hamid Hassan right writes, It is the most famous day in the history of Afghanistan cricket.

In sad news, Pakistan lost the chance to host the 2011 world cup. Read Osman Samiuddin to get a sense of the loss.

Finally, as we contemplate President Hussein’s stiff elbow, wide stance and off-positioned head, we should remember that American Presidents don’t make good cricketers.