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Archive Remix I: Bike Rides

[You may know that CM has long had an official Archivist - a person who has helped maintain the Facebook page, and helped me cull through the huge archive for posts and materials. You know him as Salman in the comment sections, SalmaanH on twitter, and patwari as author on CM. This is a first [...]

Afghanistan v United States of America

Afghanistan won by 29 runs. Click for a Tribal breakdown.

Imran Khan, Considered

In The Review, I have a review of Christopher Sanford's Imran Khan in which I briefly consider the man. Below is what didn't make it into the review - for fairly obvious reasons - but, I thought I'd spin it here. No pun. Much has been written on Imran Khan’s transcendence from the game of [...]

Guns Optional

Pakistan Ka Matlab Kiya III

"I'm the second Khan winning a World Cup for Pakistan, so I'm very proud of my Khans," said Younis. "This is my dream. I dreamed all the time of lifting the World Cup. My thinking in all my career is that I will be remembered for a team like 1992. I was not in the [...]

Pakistan Ka Matlab Kiya II

If it worked for Zia, it could work for Zardari. Pakistan beat SA in ICC Twenty20 World Cup Semis. Why not? ps. I cannot believe my blood pressure still goes up watching these things.

Bats Left

Things have been dour here, lately. I was thinking we needed to talk cricket, today. And, as if by magic, dear e. sent this awesome shot of President Hussein getting schooled by Brian Lara (Mr. 400). The IPL has started in South Africa. India's biggest sporting event was moved due to security concerns to SA. [...]

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