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A Formula for Being Human

... I am a man in exile in Beirut in 1982 - cast out by a military dictator. On this ground too unfurls my blood stained standard where the flag of Palestinian home flows Your Master has destroyed one Palestine; My wounds have prospered how many Palestines. ... I am a woman; long hair, dreadlocked; [...]

My Dear Americans

Happy July 4th, my dear Americans. Here is a short made by Arpita Kumar, being screened at PBS ONLINE FILM FESTIVAL. Here is what Kumar told us about the short: I made My Dear Americans during my Project Involve fellowship at Film Independent in Los Angeles. We were asked to pitch short film projects focused [...]

Fifteen Years After Eqbal Ahmad: A Call

Today marks the fifteenth anniversary of the passing of Eqbal Ahmad (1932 - 1999). Who was Eqbal Ahmad? On 10 Feb, 1971, a letter appeared in The New York Times titled "Eqbal Ahmed: A Defense" signed by faculty at Princeton. To the Editor: Leaders in the movement to end the prolonged, cruel and useless violence [...]

Waziristan, U.S.

I gave the following remarks on 26 March 2014. There currently exists a limit in the liberal critique of the drone program: there is a discussion about the efficacy of the program – and with it an emphasis on collecting numbers of casualties, of some matrices of sorting the dead into militants and civilians; there [...]

In Defense of The Hindus: An Alternative History

It seems like only yesterday that I was present in Foster Hall for Wendy Doniger's book launch. After I posted on it on CM, a healthy discussion happened, to which Wendy graciously responded. The generosity of her response showcases her unmatched pedagogic spirit and how, with humor and humility, she has shaped our collective understanding [...]

a guest post by Rafia Zakaria, columnist Dawn Pakistan. A ripe 110 years ago, in the year 1903, the Second Imperial Durbar was held in Delhi, to celebrate the coronation of King Edward the VII and Queen Alexandria as Emperor and Empress of India. Neither could attend, but Lord Curzon, then Viceroy of the Indian [...]

OMG, Orya Maqbool Jan

[This guest post is Abdul Majeed Abid's translation of his Urdu column for Dawn. Abdul Majeed Abid is a doctor and a freelance writer from Lahore. He writes about socio-political issues and contemporary history.] By Abdul Majeed Abid   Britain ruled over the subcontinent for ninety years (1857-1947). The task of governance during this period was supervised by [...]

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