Happy Birthday, CM!

April 8, 2004 is when CM was officially launched to an appreciative audience of well, a few. Here, I found the INITIAL EMAIL ANNOUNCEMENT! *BREAKING NEWS* From: Manan Ahmed Date: April 13, 2004 2:37:18 AM GMT+02:00 To: manan ahmed Subject: Chapati Mystery Dear all! Pardon the mass email. It will be the last under the [...]

Postcards from the Archive: Goodbye 2010

This 6th year of CM will go down in the annals of Chapatism, first and foremost, as a year of the renaissance sprung by Lapata’s posts – for which readers have the bureaucratic morass of academy, “the insane rants of an inflamed tea-partier”, and Sepoy’s badgering to thank – illuminating the particularities of partition or [...]


This will be updated as events occur in real-life.


I shall be traveling, talking, giving papers for the next three weeks. Friends and lovers in Chicago, Boston, New York and Madison are urged to get in touch. Others are wished well. Kindly look forward to posts - like a bunch of 'em! I promise.


Most years this date floats by, but thanks to the CM FAN PAGE ON FACEBOOK (!) I was reminded of that April afternoon six long years ago when I started to ruminate (ahem) on here. On an escalator at AAS, one wag stated out loud, oh dude, I was reading CM when in high school. [...]

Oh, End It Already

Gentle Readers, I wish you all a best of 2010. Posting will be sparse for a little while but I hope to pick it up in the new year with tons of exciting insight into celebrity lives. yours, sepoy.

The Sunday Paradigm

Sundays in Berlin are quiet affairs. The usual shops are all closed - groceries, pharmacies, booksellers, fruit vendors, bike shops, bakeries, discount stores. You get the picture. In some U-bahn stations, in some busy corners, there would be a lone bakery, a hold-out grocer. New Berliners, such as myself, collect these informational nugget, knowing that [...]

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