better with tablas

[Following is a guest post by Hamzah Saif. A version of this essay was published by Ajam Media Collective.] By Hamzah Saif Rap’s transition from the poetry of marginalized African American communities to the mega-hits circulating in mainstream America today draws fierce debate. Consumerism and commodification are frequently found guilty of eviscerating a once-radical movement [...]

Coke Studio by Bilal Tanweer

This essay originally appeared in Critical Muslim Vol. 4 (Hurst & Co. London: 2012. eds. Ziauddin Sardar, Robin Yassin-Kassab). There are no billboards on the streets. For the last four years, a week or so before the new season of Coke Studio is launched, most of the important billboards in major Pakistani cities are taken [...]

The Fantastical Nature of Our Times

CM friend, Neelika Jayawardane, reviewed Lapata's The Little Book of Terror for Africa is a Country. Rather than fall into the sort of pop-psychology that claims to sort out why the children of the well-off (Osama bin-Laden included) may find “radicalism” attractive, Daisy Rockwell’s “cheeky little volume” of paintings and minimalist essays, The Little Book of Terror, offers a [...]

This Friday (February 3rd) come to my book launch and art opening in Philadelphia at Twelve Gates Gallery. The paintings in question will be mostly South Asia related, with the centerpiece being my series of watercolors of Jackie Kennedy's visit to the Subcontinent. Dedicated CM readers will recognize this series instantly from my old but [...]

Das Konzert war dann, kurz gefasst – perfekt

Taste the war paint on my tongue/as it's dripping with my sweat/place my gaze in the futures path/seeing things that ain't come yet Many years ago, a different me was in a car driving down a highway I had travelled many hundreds of time to a destination I was intimate with, and from a base [...]

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