Ra da Punjabi Rapper

In my view, there is no other language more suited to the cadence of gangsta rap than Punjabi. Watch any movie by Sultan Rahi or Mustafa Qureshi and you will encounter the crew chillax in da hood wid a fly ba-donka-donk, rollin’ in da benjamins and da bling-bling. Of course, some wanksta will start buggin’ or diss da haps. Oh shizzle. Homie ain’t gotz no choice but to busta cap in dat ass wid his k. Shit goes down but ya caynt go against a thug like Rahi. In the end, the homies fire up some shwag and get back to P.H.D.

Ok. I am done. Also, I apologize.

Out of Oakland, which gave us Too $hort (the classic Shorty the Pimp stayed in my car stereo far longer than polite society allows such things), comes Ra aka Raja aka Bohemia, the Punjabi Rapper. And I say, Why did this not happen sooner!? He raps in Punjabi (Ek adhay sootay nal menoo chrdhi nahi bhang), talks about blunts, hos, interfaith dialogue, pakistan-india cultural unity, faith, hot-roddin, pimpin, and some fly-ass hoochie-mama desi shorties.

Visit his website where you can read about his “journey through true stories of pride and prejudice, giving and greed, poverty and wealth, life, love and murder – desi style.”

updated: [Jan 3, 2004] Bohemia writes in about what he will be doing in the next few months:
Bohemia chats live on air with dj Sanj on BBC Asian Network’s popular, Adil Ray show.

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  1. @ Ballu : Want to make one thing clear that Shawn Mixman is nothing more than a DJ … shown is side kick for Sha One is real producer that gave the name Bhomia to a street thug called Raja. As for Shawn…. I think one then music he is good at photoshop and putting his picture next to other producers like Dr. Zues and DJ Sanj…. Mixman cann’t even play any keys … even Bohemia know how to play keyboard.

  2. BOHEMIA rocks Chicago: checkout the photos on his myspace page!!! OPPENING ACTS WHERE DR ZEUS N RDB!!!


  3. V dont give shyt 2 Haterz!!
    got mah fuckin Passion for Everithin !!
    Hitt copss ,,smoke blunts,,fuck all ya hoe,,greed of moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    All da fuckin shyt iz DOne ,coz I love 2 hit n Run
    PEace BItch!

  4. Bohemia ias real as the wwf…..plus all the indianas are the one who made him…he wouldnt be anything without bally sagoo and mixman shawn

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