Nerds Rock

Saw Arcade Fire at the Riviera last night with sven and rajeev. What an amazing show – def. one for my best of list. They play like maniacs and behave like ones too – rocking out in their band gear. So darn cute.

I must admit that after keeping them in heavy rotation for most of nov thru feb period, I had stopped listening to them. Also, the orchestrations were starting to sound a tad precious [same thing happened to me w/ regards to Decemberists except it was Colin’s voice in that case]. So, while I wanted to see them, I wasn’t as excited as I could have been. Holy Smoke! they rocked my doubts away.

If the Arcade Fire come anywhere near your neck of the woods, GO SEE THEM.

updated: An actual review of the show from the Onion’s blog.

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  1. oddly enough, though i hadn’t since about may, have been listening to the above mentioned again. nothing like their fine line between bejewelled/sweet and harmonically scattering to the four winds to accompany (loudly, so as to keep the turbofolk out) the prevailing “glum in Serbia” outlook….

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