Term-paper Crime Syndicates Unveiled!

essayrelief2.jpgThe NYT reported yesterday in a ‘the internet might be destroying the fabric of our society’ article that students who are desperate, dishonest or rich (or any combination) can buy made-to-order term papers on the World Wide Web for as little as $9.95. A NYT editor solicited term papers on common English lit topics from three different sites. Thankfully for the future of humanity, the resulting essays were incredibly bad! The papers produced for the NYT were of such poor quality that Harvard Shakespeare scholar Stephen Greenblatt, when shown an essay on the nature of Ophelia‘s madness in Hamlet, guessed he would be unable to give it more than a D+. Of course, we assume that Harvard has its own in-house system for term paper manufacture, and that Harvard students in general have more sophisticated resources at their disposal. These are just harmless websites for regular kids who don’t want to do their homework. Or are they? Continue reading “Term-paper Crime Syndicates Unveiled!”