Call for Papers on Aesthetics and Partition

Tentative title: The sentimental and the melodramatic: exploring Partition aesthetics We seek essays for a volume (Routledge) looking at the sentimental and melodramatic aesthetics of images, art, gossip, and writings that remind us of the unspeakable acts of 1947 and their political and cultural aftershocks in Punjab and Bengal. Critics who have variously written about [...]

The 2012 Dirty Dozen

For your reading pleasure, a list of our favorite books from 2012--books that we read in 2012 that is, because we reject the Cult of the New and don't care when they were published. Sepoy's Six: Herein no particular order are some books that caught attention and didn't let go. They may or may not [...]

Reviews sheviews

1. All Hail Salman Rushdie. All Hail Joseph Anton. At times, when she was reading the memoir, she was reminded of that cherished moment in her youth, when she had first read prose in Latin class. That too was a memoir, as it happens, and one also written in the third person singular. Gallia est omnis [...]

Neo Orientalism is the New Orientalism

A snippet from my new Bookslut column by me in which I review Marina Warner's Stranger Magic: Charmed States and the Arabian Nights: Said's thesis has unfortunately made little effect in the US outside of the academy. The greatest ostensible change seems to be on the use of the term "oriental" for persons of Asian [...]

In and out of Kingdoms

[A guest post by Tipu Sultan] Once, I Was An Oil Drop I was taught that oil was the most glorious thing that had ever happened to humankind. My first memory of this education was at age six. I was inducted into the girl-scouts, along with some of the other girls in the corporate-garrison town-city [...]

The Journey of Everywoman

I. Years ago, while writing my dissertation, I stepped out one evening to one of those enormous drug stores that are open all night in cities. I browsed idly among the nail colors, wondering if I should consider adding layers of glitter to my already elaborate manicure. The aisles of women's products were full of [...]

Read, Think, Burn (repeat as necessary)

My review of Habibi is out in The Sunday Guardian today. It was originally longer. The full piece is below: I. Hating Art I have hated many pieces of art in my life. An Italian restaurant I used to go to was decorated with enormous abstract oil paintings. The paintings were so aggressively bad they [...]

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