Dale Marlowe

More sophisticated readers of the New York Times’ editorial pages have, for years, fumed at Thomas Friedman's inane musings. Even less sophisticated readers, some of which write book reviews and essays for online magazines named after mysterious flatbreads, have bristled at Friedman’s claims, prose and weak reasoning. There are times, in fact, that one might [...]

Prepositional Phrases

When and if fascism comes to America it will not be labeled "made in Germany"; it will not be marked with a swastika; it will not even be called fascism;it will be called, of course, "Americanism.”  Halford E. Luccock, Keeping Life Out of Confusion Before Times were good for many Americans—or, at least, times were good [...]

Savage Mules

Dennis Perrin, whether he knows it or not, is in contention with Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi in a contest of nuclear indignance--which of the two will assume the mantle of America's clear-thinking, hyper-independent conscience, left unshouldered since Hunter S. Thompson's slide into obscurity, and lamentable demise? Taibbi has the lead. He occupies a chair close [...]

All Your Gitmo Are Belong To US

These days, America teeters on the verge of having its dumbest Supreme Court since the Dred Scott jacktards who hastened the Civil War; currently, its four fascist-leaning members hold views that range from "too-Catholic to be believed," to "I will have my revenge on Black America for calling me Uncle Tom." In fairness, one must [...]

Roll Over, Rick

His caramel baritone is singular. Like those of us at CM, you probably thought he was black, before you saw the video; not that it mattered, because his being a tiny, tiny, little, elfin Englishman, with a singing voice that dissolves panties on contact, made it even more amusing when he mounted and thrust himself [...]


Obama's pastor, and McCain's "advisors" pulled back the Veil on the Holy of Holies last week, exposing a brutal truth for those who live within the secular narrative. It is this: religious people believe things that seem strange to outsiders. Those religious folks also believe things that are specifically informed by their subjective experiences, which [...]

The Winter of Their Discontent

Bill O'Reilly is probably not as big an asshole as he appears to be, but one thing is certain, he does a terrific job playing one on radio and television. For years, Americans have contended with "entertainers-cum-pundits" setting frames around policy debates. O'Reilly's, Limbaugh's, Hannity's and Beck's characters are most likely amplifications of the personalities [...]

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