July 2012

In Golden Hues

Musharraf Ali Farooqi's Between Clay and Dust is microscopic examination of a mood. The mood is nostalgia or if that word evokes more negative connotations, wistfulness. Then Ustad Ramzi's attention wandered away. He could not tell how long his mind was blank. When he regained his attention, Gohar Jan was saying: 'A girl's face is [...]

Islamophobia in the US

[A shorter version of this essay appeared in Dawn.] Empires carve out and sustain their political and economic privilege with unrelenting violence, but, without a hint of irony, deem their mission moral and ethical, verging on the altruistic. A necessary counterpart to this blindness, is a paranoid fear of a dark, hostile world. Islamophobia serves [...]

[Editor's note: We thank Hussein Omar for contributing this essay. This review was commissioned by Bidoun for issue #27. We especially thank Bidoun for allowing us to run it. ] by Hussein Omar On the 15th of June, 1914, an obscure Egyptian newspaper based in Geneva printed a rousing call-to-arms: To you, my fellow men and fellow [...]

Native Apologist

A snippet from my review of Irfan Husain's Fatal Faultlines: Pakistan, Islam and the West: The Global War on Terror has spawned a cottage industry of commentators and "experts," who simply repackage the American public's commonly held beliefs and serve it back to them: The Muslims are crazy, they hate America (and each other), and America is [...]


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