January 2012

[This is a guest post from Rohit Chopra -eds] 16 excursuses in despair 0. Sepoy and Lapata have very kindly given me the opportunity to share some thoughts about the Rushdie affair (the new one, at the Jaipur literature festival this year, which, of course, is connected to the old Rushdie affair, 23 years to [...]

Who Lies Beneath Your Spell

I try not to say much when I am a little overwhelmed. Agha Shahid Ali overwhelmed me a while ago - when I started to seriously read his collected works. Over the years, I have mentioned him many times here, or quoted his Faiz translations or highlighted writings on him. But when I began to [...]

Dada Sahib Painted Chacha Ji

Sepoy insists that I share this painting of Nehru by my grandfather. He also has asked me to share my thoughts and feelings. Here they are: When I painted Nehru, I didn't realize, at least not consciously, that my grandfather had painted him. When I found out, it made me feel kinda funny. Look at [...]

Dada Sahib at the Jama Masjid


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