December 2011

Postcards from the Archive: Goodbye 2011

The biggest event on CM was the publishing of “Where the Wild Frontiers Are: Pakistan and the American Imagination – “a curated, edited collection” of sepoy’s posts in book form, with foreword from Amitava Kumar, launched with much fanfare, and earning rave reviews (here, here). Meanwhile, commentaries and reflections on happenings in Homistan continued to grace CM: [...]

Bilal Tanweer is a writer and translator. His fiction, poetry and translations have appeared in various international magazines including Granta, Vallum, Caravan, and Words Without Borders. He was one of Granta's New Voices for 2011 and one of the eleven recipients of the 2010 PEN Translation Fund Grant. He teaches literature and fiction writing at LUMS, Lahore. He’s [...]

An Alternative History of 2011

I like to think I wrote a fair amount this year - maybe not as much as last year but still, a fair amount. But I also have a bunch of posts stuck in the "Draft" view. Gonna delete them, but here are the snippets for what-might-have-beens. Objects Yesterday, I went to see Schätzes des [...]

What is Imperialism?

The recent hissy fit thrown by historian Niall Ferguson (racist! imperialist!) because Pankaj Mishra wrote a scathing review in the LRB deserves comment. Mishra's review of Ferguson's TV-Book Civilisation, Watch This Man, led with drawing attention to White supremacists like Theodore Stoddard and the twin peaks of their insanity - the inherent belief in their [...]

Review of WTWFA

Nandini Ramachandran reviews WTWFA for the Sunday Guardian: The size of its betrayal would've forced Manto into asking his fellow citizens what he once asked Uncle Sam — my country is poor, but why is it ignorant? This is a query that haunts Manan Ahmed as much as Manto, and his book is an antidote [...]


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