November 2011

A debate about a Review Essay in NYT

Below the fold, a twitter-based debate on a review essay in NYT. “This review essay on "anthropologists" on Afghanistan in the NYT is the nadir of moral-less imperial hubris. AhmedNovember 28, 2011 3:19:26 PM ESTReplyRetweet“@sepoy Hey! That's my mentor you're Mishraing there. I think "nadir" is putting it a little strongly, in any case.Jonathan [...]

The Sad and Curious Tale of MM/MJ

(A version of this review essay ran in The Friday Times, Vol. XXIII, No. 41) Review Essay by C.M. Naim In May 1962, when the first groups of America’s newly established Peace Corps were flying out to various “underdeveloped” countries to help them along the road of “progress”, a twenty-eight years old woman set off [...]

English Only

Naim Sahib, one of my teachers at Chicago, has a must-must-must read "rant" (as he puts it) in Outlook India. I really think it is one of his best and critically lays bare a key disconnect between the intellectual engagements within Urdu and English presses when it comes to matters of Muslims and Islam. I [...]

Das Konzert war dann, kurz gefasst – perfekt

Taste the war paint on my tongue/as it's dripping with my sweat/place my gaze in the futures path/seeing things that ain't come yet Many years ago, a different me was in a car driving down a highway I had travelled many hundreds of time to a destination I was intimate with, and from a base [...]

L’Affair Ramanujan: OUP & c;

Some more important readings for you in terms of the DU/Ramanujan. - Shahid Amin (Professor, History, Delhi University), When a Department Let a University Down, The Hindu, Nov. 3, 2011 At the first sign of trouble, in a letter written in September 2008, OUP decided to thank those who felt aggrieved by it, “for pointing [...]


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