October 2011

Uses of History: Ramanujan Edition

Some Indian Uses of History on a Rainy Day 1935. Professor of Sanskrit on cultural exchange; passing through; lost in Berlin; reduced to a literal, turbaned child, spelling German signs on door, bus, and shop, trying to guess go from stop; desperate for a way of telling apart a familiar street from a strange, or [...]

Oh, Go AAWWn

I loved the space and the wonderful people at the Asian Writers' Workshop who were kind enough to host my book launch a month ago. Magical! So, I pass on, with enthusiasm, a festival of awesomeness for their 20th anniversary! They feature Teju Cole, Amitava Kumar and some other people (ok some of the other [...]


I have a review of Granta's ten years post-9/11 issue up on The Sunday Guardian (New Delhi). When I first wrote my draft, I sent it to Sepoy, because I was worried it was too much of a screed. Sepoy, upon reading it, was disappointed in the lack of screedishness of the review. He had [...]

Madison 2011

#OccupyMadisonConcourseHotel2011!! Ahem. It is the Annual Awesomeness that is the Madison conference - this is the 40th one! Big times now. I will be on two panels - giving a paper on something I am quite excited about and discussing a set of papers elsewhere. I wish there was a way to link to my [...]

Nauman Naqvi on Sadequain

We were just talking about the scholastic and the imaginative that underpins some gems of scholarship - such as Ramanujan's work on the Ramayana (and his work on poetry, in poetry), and here comes another deeply inspiring articulation. Nauman Naqvi, anthropologist, delivers a wonderfully framed, evocative,(and beautifully filmed) lecture ruminating on the art, the poetics [...]

Transformative Texts

The First out of the four experts termed the text as “appropriate” for the syllabus, second expert congratulated the History Department for including the essay, third expert opined that the contents of the essay are “unexceptional”. Only the fourth expert proposed to incorporate other texts in lieu of Ramanujan's text, as “anything that goes against” [...]

Explaining Pakistan

I did a segment with Jerome MacDonald for Worldview at WBEZ. Please to listen and enjoy. And comment, etc.

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