August 2011

If You See Something, Say Something

A few weeks ago, I visited Hamburg's vast harbors and storage houses. There, I saw the faded signs of an old network of traders from Iran, Afghanistan and Kashmir who came to Hamburg in the 1880s and 1890s bearing carpets and artifacts. I loved that part of Hamburg, and I wished I had had more [...]

Ten Short Years

The New York Police Department is doing everything it can to make sure there’s not another 9/11 here and that more innocent New Yorkers are not killed by terrorists,” NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said. “And we have nothing to apologize for in that regard.” - "With CIA help, NYPD built secret effort to monitor mosques, [...]

All is Well

I have a more detailed review of Maleeha Lodhi's edited volume Pakistan: Beyond 'The Crisis State' in Dawn's Books & Authors: All is Well... or is it? I had briefly discussed it in my previous review essay, but this is special care: Pakistan, as a subject of critical analysis, is ill-served when realities are ignored [...]

The Best of All Possible Care

One thing that the First World really gets right is good dental care. The more money you have, the better the teeth. Unfortunately, despite the fact that we Americans (at least those with good dental insurance) have some of the pearliest, straightest teeth in the world, we are seldom grateful for this gift. The word [...]


The saying goes that we all have rituals - and the sayer points, often times metaphorically, to baseball players. The raise, the pinch, the shuffle, the swing, the dust-off, the spit, the spit, the spit. Ritual seems a bad word, suddenly. Habit? Superstitious habit? Let us stick with ritual for a second. I don't think [...]


I have a new piece up at The National, Pakistan: why the US must think outside the 'military' box: A decade after the events of September 11, we continue to know little and understand even less of Pakistan. This despite the fact that we are entering a golden age of production of knowledge on that [...]

The Goat-Spy Diaries – Black Nipple

  Click on Page 1 to read the diary from the beginning Page the Fourth—In which one-half of the face of metropolitan evil is presented to Jassasa who makes small talk and a funny discovery AS I WAS led up the narrow staircase and into the presence of the gang leader, I was already working out [...]

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