July 2011

The Goat-Spy Diaries

  Being the private papers of Jassasa, the goat-spy of the true False Messiah, the End-of-Times Deceiver, the One-Eyed Antichrist aka Dajjal Page the 1st—In which is revealed how Dajjal and Jassasa were alerted to the approach of the End of Time OKAY, SO NOW it's confirmed: Evil's really risen in the world. This morning [...]

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Dic Lit

I. A Terribly Attractive Man I probably first heard the name Qaddafi on the radio, from NPR, an always present background noise in my childhood. But the name only acquired meaning when I heard it uttered by my Great Aunt in a stage whisper to my mother: "That Mr. Qaddafi is terribly attractive!" She hissed, [...]

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The Middle Man

I was asked, by Murtaza Vali, to write for a "Manual of Treason" which dealt with the notion of treason and affiliation in the colonial and postcolonial settings. I offered to write on the case of Seth Naomul Hotchand (1804-1878) and the annexation of Sindh in 1843 by the East India Company. The essay was [...]

Studies in Classic American Literature (1923) by D. H. Lawrence BENJAMIN FRANKLIN had a specious little equation in providential mathematics: Rum + Savage = 0. Awfully nice! You might add up the universe to nought, if you kept on. Rum plus Savage may equal a dead savage. But is a dead savage nought? Can you [...]


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