June 2011

Funny Face

You fill the air with smiles For miles and miles and miles Though you're no Mona Lisa For worlds I'd not replace Your sunny, funny face I love your funny face Your sunny, funny face You're not exotic but so hypnotic You're much, too much If you can cook the way you look I'd swim [...]

WTWFA Now Available on Amazon

Yes! If/when you buy it, and read it, I would appreciate comments on Amazon (be partisan!) and also your grandmother wants this book. love, s

On Academic Blogging with Amitava Kumar

The esteemed Amitava Kumar, who wrote the foreword for the CM book, interviewed me for his column on academic blogging: Manan Ahmed is a historian. He is also a blogger who started the blog Chapati Mystery. His blog-posts have been curated into a book that is coming out this month. Manan’s publisher asked me to [...]


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