March 2011

Archive Remix I: Bike Rides

[You may know that CM has long had an official Archivist - a person who has helped maintain the Facebook page, and helped me cull through the huge archive for posts and materials. You know him as Salman in the comment sections, SalmaanH on twitter, and patwari as author on CM. This is a first [...]

We Are Strangers Now

No one born after 1975, in my family's circle of acquaintance, remembers the fall of Dhaka. They don't know the year. They don't know that Bangladesh was created out of blood spilled by their own army. I asked them what they had been taught in schools and they said nothing. I went to the market [...]

Adda Post

For my recent column on Bookslut, I approached the worrisome task of writing about the most exalted stars in the Bangla literary firmament gingerly and with some trepidation. What if my reverence was insufficient? What if I missed some important salient details? Was I even qualified to write about Bankim and Tagore at all? It [...]

Interior Landscapes

My new column is up at Bookslut. It was with some trepidation that I approached the hallowed topic of Bangla literature. Here is an excerpt: “Neither of them noticed that the period in which husband and wife rediscover each other in the exquisite first light of love—that gold-tinged dawn of conjugal life—had slipped silently into [...]

3QD Arts & Lit Prize

I have a BEEF with the ridiculous voting thing that 3QD has - one can only vote for one post (wha?!?). But I want you all to go vote for one of Lapata's amazing three post (I will be voting for the Stay at-Home Man). The blogzine 3QuarksDaily Arts & Literature Prize has declared its [...]


In the Fall, I am hoping to teach a class on Experts as a category of Knowledge Brokers in the colonial and postcolonial world. Thinking a riff from Richard F. Burton to TE Lawrence to Rory Stewart by way of Bernard Lewis and Fouad Ajami. Plus databases and spying drones. Here is somewhat of a [...]

Shahbaz Bhatti, RIP

Woke up this morning, a day before my own trip to Lahore, to see the sad news that Shahbaz Bhatti, a Member of Parliament for the PPP and the minister for minorities rights has been assassinated. The lunatics are running the asylum.


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