February 2011

Archive Fever

I spent the last few days in The Reg. For my next parlor trick, I need to find magazines which circulated among the middle class Pakistani households during the 1960s, 70s and 80s. It sometimes confuses people that such materials exist in a place like University of Chicago. This is where post-War politics and the [...]

It’s a Contest!

Dear Readers, Chapati Mystery is launching a new flash fiction contest, which might just happen one time or might become an OVERNIGHT SENSATION or even a TRADITION. For the first contest, we solicit entries inspired by the following tweet sent out by @polgrim on the occasion of Hosni Mubarak's removal from the office of President [...]

Via Chicago

Heading home is always a highlight and soon enough, I will be in sweet Hyde Park drowning in snow, slush, Powell's and Istria. Life will be as it ought to be. As it once was. However, before that, I am participating in - it readily appears - a wonderful conference at the University of Pennsylvania. [...]

Jan 25 – Feb 11

The shortest period between 1981 to 2011. Viva Egypt.

Teju Cole’s Open City

I also have a review out today on Bookslut of long-time CM reader Teju Cole's superb new novel Open City. The novel comes out tomorrow. Everyone must read it! An excerpt from my review: The review materials I received with Open City ask me to compare Cole’s writing to that of W.G. Sebald or J.M. [...]

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