November 2010

Two Shorts

To the many "Pakistan" related things clamoring for your desensitized attention, may I add a couple more? I. Artist and film-maker Sophiya Pandeya travels to Hingal, Baluchistan and visits "Nani Mandir" of Hinglaj Mata. This darshan tale is touching, illuminating and worthy of your time. You can watch it below. You can also see a [...]

Dominance Without Toleration

1. According to the 1998 census, there are slightly more than 2 million Christians (1.59% of total population) distributed roughly equally across urban and rural areas. As a minority the Christian community in Pakistan is predominantly located in the province (state) of Punjab. Although sizeable communities are found in the cities of Quetta, Karachi and [...]

Fake Talibothra

Talking briefly on twitter with Joshua Foust (whose book Afghanistan Journal you need to purchase RIGHT NOW) I commented how draining the Af-Pak-Af world is now. I do not feel like I can respond to any outrage, any calamity, and new development, any more drone strikes. It all seems so pointless. We have all said [...]

Coetzee on Empire

J. M. Coetzee, Waiting for the Barbarians, 1979. Calf-deep in the soothing water I indulge myself in this wistful vision. I am not unaware of what such daydreams signify, dreams of becoming an unthinking savage, of taking the cold road back to the capital, of groping my way out to the ruins in the desert, [...]

We ♥ Lapata

This is a moment of serious pride for CM. This issue is going to grace the neat stacks of pages and mail at the desk of Don DeLillo! I hope you join me in congratulating our very own, amazing cluster of sparkly-awesomeness Lapata.

More on Granta: Pakistan

Go read all of The Language of Developmental Literature by zunguzungu. But this brought smiles. As I hope is clear, the appeal to the American example is specious on its own terms. But that’s what makes it such an interesting rhetorical move: however problematic it might be to declare that American literary history must be [...]


My post for the November issue of Bookslut goes up today. Here it is below, excerpted in full. The conversation has just begun, so please do join in the comments section. I. Polemics Years ago, when I was engaged in the pursuit of the Hindi PhD that I now have, I was approached for an [...]


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